Meal planning monday: wc 21st January 2013

Meal planning continues and thankfully managed to shop last Thursday before the snow arrived and get enough up til this weekend coming.  Given we’ve had 2 days of snow, and it looks like there may be more this evening, I’m glad we’re sorted (although we might get a bit short of veg!).

Depending on what happens in the day I tend to switch things around, so this week we’ve got:

  • Sweet & sour glazed chicken (don’t think the OH was convinced so probably won’t be doing that one again)
  • Sausage & mash
  • Fish cakes in bun, salad, wedges
  • Beef stew (was planning lasagne, but OH had that as leftovers for lunch today)
  • Chicken pie & dauphinoise
  • Gammon steaks (if I get to the butchers, as it was shut for some reason last Thursday)

Pudding will mostly be birthday cake from Monday, with other options being Niegella’s Pear & chocolate pudding, Apple minis, St Clements cheesecake.

I’m linking up to Meal Planning Mondays here, so if you want lots more meal ideas, check out other people’s links.

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