Living Arrows 2015 week 24 – fairground rides

This weekend was a bit of a wash out, but I did take N to our local town’s annual show one afternoon for a bit.

Of course the fairground rides were a big draw, especially the children’s car ride.  N pointed it out telling me ‘Mummy, you know I like those, I should have a go on it’.  He refused to sit on the motorbikes, so was left with sitting in the back of a bus while another child ‘drove’.

N didn’t look particularly happy all the way during the ride, but it wasn’t until I saw the photos and the glares between the ‘driver’ and N. The driver obviously didn’t want a rider, and N would have wanted to drive.

on the buses - fairground ride - Living Arrows

living arrows pic

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8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2015 week 24 – fairground rides

    1. He didn’t have much choice on this one, we were late to the party, and just managed to get on. He does love sitting in what I’d call the boring ones though

    1. Thanks Merlinda. I was really pleased with it – and it was a bit of a fluke that the cropping worked so well, because I wasn’t in a great position to see him as the ride was going round.

    1. Bummer, but on the upside, the OH must have felt guilty, the climbing frame is now built! 4 months after it was delivered.

      The photos on the rides were a bit of a nightmare because I was having to catch N from the back of the bus, so I didn’t get too many clear ones. Was pleased this one came out so well.

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