Tamba Park using Jersey’s LibertyBus


Our holiday to Jersey was the first time I’ve ever taken N away and not had our car. I have to admit it makes me jittery thinking I haven’t got it to rely on, but I needn’t have worried on this holiday.  LibertyBus kindly gave us family passes while for while we were on holiday, so we were able to explore the island. For N, he loves public transport.  Living where we do, the buses just aren’t viable to use. … Continue Reading “Tamba Park using Jersey’s LibertyBus”

A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey

child friendly break in merton hotel jersery - Bubbablue and me

Our summer trip to Jersey was a bit last minute (as so many of our holidays are), and booked on a vague recommendation.  Plus it was somewhere we could fly to without passports, so we could tick off N’s wish to go on a plane. I’d asked around before booking a hotel because I was struggling to find somewhere. Lots of hotels looked like they didn’t take children, other big brand hotels that in the UK I’d think of as… Continue Reading “A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey”

First flight and a trip to Jersey

first flight and a trip to Jersey - Bubbablue and me

Aside from our early summer camping in Woolacombe, I wanted to take N away for a few days at the end of the summer holidays as well. He was bursting to go on a plane for the first time, but with me not having an in-date passport and he not having one at all, I was pretty limited on where to take him. Because it was summer, I wanted to go somewhere with beaches rather than a city break somewhere… Continue Reading “First flight and a trip to Jersey”

Body boarding and sandcastles on Woolacombe beach

Summer fun at Woolacombe beach Bubbablue and me

It’s been near on 7 weeks since we went camping in Woolacombe this summer.  It was a wonderful week away, and obviously one of the reasons it was chosen was for the beach. Because taking kids away during the summer holidays, means going to the beach.  Especially when you live in the middle of the countryside and they rarely get to the beach. Friends with us always go to Woolacombe and find it great for their children (and them).  Last… Continue Reading “Body boarding and sandcastles on Woolacombe beach”

How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution

How camping is the perfect family outdoor fun solution - Bubbablue and me

Apart from being ill at the 2 guide camps I went to as a child, I’ve always been keen on camping. But my camping experiences have never been with family. It’s either been with the guides, with Woodcraft folk (where we got flooded out in Barmouth), or with friends after uni (including a very cold February in Snowdonia – never again). Oh I suppose camping out every summer in the back garden with my brother counts as family camping? After… Continue Reading “How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution”

First time rockpooling and beachcombing at Barricane Beach

Friends going beachcombing and rockpooling at Watersmeet beach Bubbablue and me

Sometimes, N can be really grouchy. It’s mostly unexpected because he’s a happy little chap usually. But sometimes a trip really doesn’t make him happy at first. On one morning on holiday, the weather was looking a little drizzly so we decided a morning rockpooling and collecting shells would be a good idea. Barricane Beach and Watersmeet were calling. With the 3rd family having gone home, we headed off with the remaining family to the little bays. Walking down some… Continue Reading “First time rockpooling and beachcombing at Barricane Beach”

Camping preparations second time round

camping preparations - Bubbablue and me

We might only have our once a year camping trip, but it creates great excitement. Mainly because we’re going with friends again – I know the OH would never get that excited about a holiday. Back in February, N and I went to the camping and caravanning show to get a tent upgrade. One new tent and five months later, it’s been unpacked from its box to make the most of a warm dry spell to practise pitching it. Camping… Continue Reading “Camping preparations second time round”

South coast scooting in Eastbourne and Bexhill

South Coast scooting in Eastbourne and Bexhill

I don’t know what we’re going to do with packing the car for camping and trying to fit in a bigger bike and a folded up scooter, but they’re certainly essentials for N when we go away for a break.  While he can walk quite a way, if he’s just with me and not distracted about the distance by friends then he moans like anything.  So taking his micro scooter and bike gives us options and means he’ll travel a lot… Continue Reading “South coast scooting in Eastbourne and Bexhill”

The Grand Hotel Eastbourne – a little bit of luxury

Luxury stay at the Grand Hotel Eastbourne

I’m always up for going away for a few days, and we’d not been away since July last year.  Having a few days off work over Easter gave us the chance to have a spontaneous few days away.  As usual the OH would be working, so it was just N and myself.  N reckoned he was going to stay in another cottage, but as it was only the 2 of us, 30 hours before we were due to leave I… Continue Reading “The Grand Hotel Eastbourne – a little bit of luxury”

Caravan camping and motorhome show – the visit

Buying tents at the caravan camping and motorhome show Bubbablue and me

After our first friends camping trip last summer, we’re booked to go again this year.  I did a lot of research into buying a tent and opted for a Vango 4 man tent.  It was easy to put up even on my own, but there were a few things I wanted to change prior to another camping trip.  So that one needs to be sold on, and I wanted to upgrade to a taller, probably bigger one with a porch/door… Continue Reading “Caravan camping and motorhome show – the visit”