BML16 introduction – this is me

self portrait for BML

I can’t believe that this year’s Britmums Live – or the newly named #BML16 – will be my 4th blogging year attending.  Of course I’m assuming that I can wangle back up childcare in case the OH has a moan or doesn’t confirm what he’s doing anytime soon.  It’s the same every year so I should be there. Last year was great because I could socialise a lot more including with my Oxfordshire blogger buddies.  And for the first time… Continue Reading “BML16 introduction – this is me”

How to cope without broadband as a blogger

What to do when you lose broadband as a blogger - Bubbablue and me

As a blogger, one of the worst things that can happen is having no broadband.  While it can be quite relaxing without it – if it’s a planned break – when it’s unexpected, it can prove a little stressful especially if you’ve got a lot of outstanding sponsored content due to be published. Last summer I had nearly a month of no broadband for a couple of reasons. The first was going camping to a campsite where the promised broadband… Continue Reading “How to cope without broadband as a blogger”

How to organise emails and be more productive

how to organise emails and be more productive Bubbablue and me

I’m one of those people who has a lot of stuff.  Piles of things I need to hand, items which don’t find their way back to their homes (if they even have one), and just generally too much stuff.  I’ve started decluttering using the Kon Mari method and haven’t yet started the paper task, which is going to be scary. But that’s real and physical items.  My virtual world is quite different. At work, we’re paperless where possible which really… Continue Reading “How to organise emails and be more productive”

How to make pretty labels in Word or Powerpoint

how to make pretty labels in word or powerpoint

We all love the gorgeous mason storage jars, and the funky storage solutions we find on Pinterest.  Many require labels.  You might want to paint some chalkboard paint on or buy some stickers, but why not make your own bespoke labels using simple computer programmes like Word or Powerpoint. Why make your own pretty labels in Word It’s obvious to me: You’re not restricted by themes or colours that are on offer You can print off as many as you… Continue Reading “How to make pretty labels in Word or Powerpoint”

What is a blogger tag – a guide

A guide to blogger tags

One of my most frequently searched for posts is my British blogger tag.  I came across it on another blog where they’d tagged me, and I had to track down the questions myself because it seemed to have started on Youtube. I don’t often do tags, but it was fun to do and got a few responses and comments across social media.  It appears that people love ‘britishness’ and often have a view whether they’re British or not. What is… Continue Reading “What is a blogger tag – a guide”

How to think of brilliant blog post ideas

how to come up with brilliant blog post ideas - Bubbablue and me

I think I must be quite lucky.  In three years, I don’t think I’ve ever had blogger’s block and struggled to find something to write about.  If you’ve met me that’s probably not surprising, given I do talk a lot.  I think that’s reflected in my blogging too. But I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say that they’ve lost their mojo, run out of things to say, or fallen out of love with blogging. I probably have days where I… Continue Reading “How to think of brilliant blog post ideas”

Blog design: make your blog easy to read (helpful tools)

blog design - make your blog easy to read including helpful tools Bubbablue and me

Reading (and writing) a blog is about more than just the content.  Of course the content is important, otherwise why do we visit the blog in the first place.  However design and format plays a big part as well. Quick tips to make your blog easy to read Get the content right On the content side I am fussy about blogs I read and comment on and I’m not the only one. I find poor grammar and spelling sloppy and… Continue Reading “Blog design: make your blog easy to read (helpful tools)”

How to use your own fonts in Picmonkey

how to use your own fonts in picmonkey - Bubbablue and me

In talking to some other bloggers, quite a few were Picmonkey users but didn’t realise they could pull their own fonts into Picmonkey.  This is one of the great things I love about Picmonkey – that you can use your own overlays or fonts easily. So I thought I’d do a quick run through of how to get your own fonts in Picmonkey. We all know we should be using pinnable images in our posts, and the perfect way to… Continue Reading “How to use your own fonts in Picmonkey”

My blog writing process as a working mum

My blog writing process as a working mum - Bubbbalue and me

I love blogging.  If I didn’t, it’d be a problem really. I have to admit though, that it’s probably not the best hobby for someone with an addictive personality and a love of numbers.  It means I get a bit obsessive and get drawn into my love for stats.  And I stay up way too late which means I’m too tired to get up and exercise in the mornings like I used to…fat bottom alert, hence the serious diet now.… Continue Reading “My blog writing process as a working mum”

Round up of 2015 and looking forward to 2016

It’s my final post of 2015, my annual round up post.  456 posts later (many were just photo posts, I’m not that prolific with my copy),  and I wanted to share what we’ve been up to.  I’ll be including some of my favourite and the most popular posts. January We finished off the Christmas holidays by going to the Snow and Tell story time in Oxford. A lovely treat perfect for preschoolers, although it was unfortunate we couldn’t make the… Continue Reading “Round up of 2015 and looking forward to 2016”