Our family calendar system and plus other ideas

our family calendar system - Bubbablue and me

You’d think being a project manager in my current job would mean I have a perfect home organisation calendar system in place. Prior to having N, I only needed a paper diary and a wall calendar, and I never missed anything…birthday, anniversaries, events etc. But since having him, I find I need more than one thing to keep on top of things. Even so, I still forget birthdays. Mostly because I remember a couple of days before, mean to write… Continue Reading “Our family calendar system and plus other ideas”

Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester

chasing the combine harvester

We spend a lot of time going out and about.  Well, just outside in general although I do admit that much of the time at home it’s N going out on the farm with his dad rather than me going out with him.  We do spend a bit of time in the garden too.  I also take N to lots of interesting places on day trips or longer visits. But sometimes simpler works just as well as a day out.… Continue Reading “Canal walks and chasing the combine harvester”

Motherhood: the mum and son relationship

mum and son selfie at Geronimo

While it’s noticeable how much N loves his dad for certain things – bear hug cuddles, play fighting, going out and working on the farm, having a bath while his dad showers – motherhood is very different thanks to the mother and son relationship. Someone I know once said about her son ‘I’m never letting him go’.  Maybe that’s a little strong given that one day they’ll be leaving home to study or work, having girlfriends or wives and moving… Continue Reading “Motherhood: the mum and son relationship”

Creating a normal family life

living a normal family life on the farm - Bubbablue and me

Before we decided to try for a baby, our life probably looked quite odd from the outside. Having a farmer husband didn’t really change my independence and life much because he worked all hours of the day during the summer and in the winter was off long days shooting in some winter months.  So I would dance 3 to 4 nights a week, work as normal, and then at weekends when he was working I’d catch up with friends, shop, see… Continue Reading “Creating a normal family life”

A first time target shooting – tin can fun

First time learning to target shoot on the farm. A way to show trust, and let him learn about discipline, safety and correct use of a gun.

I’m not a fan of guns, I don’t have an urge to shoot them, but I appreciate that in the countryside they can be invaluable for pest control. Having said that, I have tried shooting a couple of times.  Once when I was a girl guide, I went to a big jamboree when I was about 12, and part of the team games included either archery or shooting.  I didn’t get to try out archery, but I did get to… Continue Reading “A first time target shooting – tin can fun”

Things I want to train my son to do

Every parent wants to bring their children up to be the best that they can.  Kind, caring, respectful, hard working, fun loving, fair and more. But I think being a mum (especially if you have a husband or partner who doesn’t help much with  house or childcare), there are differences in what you want to teach your son compared with what their dad would say. In our house, the OH would probably say that he wants to just teach him… Continue Reading “Things I want to train my son to do”

A walk in the park and family friendships

a walk in the park and family friendships - Bubbablue and me

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m big on going out in the mornings, rather than waiting til later when everyone’s out. Just before Christmas, I decided that it was such a beautiful day, we’d have to get out and about.  And that meant a trip out for a walk in the park.  N’s cousin was floating round the farm waiting for his mum to finish getting the turkeys ready for collection, so we took him along too. Of course N wanted to… Continue Reading “A walk in the park and family friendships”

Christmas 2015 on the farm

Christmas is over for another year. It’s a bit strange because for the first time ever I’ve not worked up until Christmas eve, and will be having nearly 2 weeks off work.  For me it feels like a bit of wasted time because friends go away or are busy with family, we do a few meals with family, but on the farm it’s still pretty much normal working apart from a few hours off on Christmas day.  And because of… Continue Reading “Christmas 2015 on the farm”

Kissing questions from a 4 year old

questions on kissing from a 4 year old

I’ve mentioned before that N is a really cuddly little boy. He loves giving hugs and kisses. Thankfully those kisses have progressed from the really soggy ones of a couple of years ago, and they’re just really sweet pecks now. He goes through phases of just grabbing my face and kissing me throughout the day for no apparent reason.   At bedtime he’ll always hold his arms out for a cuddle and then generally wants a kiss as well. Woe betide… Continue Reading “Kissing questions from a 4 year old”