Eating out in St Helier Jersey on holiday


The OH gets really annoyed when he comes on holiday with us, because the whole structure of the day is based around meal times and what the plans are for the next. Thankfully N is largely ruled by his tummy too, so we make a great combination when we’re out and about. Because we weren’t eating in the hotel outside of breakfast, we wanted to find some great places to eat. Going on a Sunday and bank holiday did prove… Continue Reading “Eating out in St Helier Jersey on holiday”

My ultimate chocolate brownies recipe and variations

the ultimate chocolate brownies - Bubbablue and me

I love chocolate. Cakes biscuits, confectionery. If it’s chocolate I’m there (hence me being on a diet!). I can bake cakes, but chocolate brownies are so much easier to make. And they’re versatile because they can be eaten as dessert, warmed with ice cream or cream. Or eaten cold as a treat or part of afternoon tea. Or even broken up and swirled through ice cream, or used as a base for gooey chocolate trifle. There’s so many recipes out… Continue Reading “My ultimate chocolate brownies recipe and variations”

The Maytime Inn – a lunch review

eating out at the Maytime Inn - Bubbablueand me

I’m never one to turn down good food, and I’m always on the look out for new restaurants to add to our usual list of haunts.  So when we were asked to try out and review the refurbished Maytime Inn at Asthall, I was straight on the website checking it out after booking a date. The OH never wants to come out and try new places, so N and I went along with friends one Saturday lunchtime.  Asthall’s a tiny… Continue Reading “The Maytime Inn – a lunch review”

Eating out at the delicious Brava Tapas restaurant Banbury

eating out at brava tapas restaurant- Bubbablue and me

While I love food, and will eat a fair variety, I can also be quite fussy. I’ve never really had tapas before because I’m not a seafood fan, can’t take too much spice, don’t like olives and always thought I’d be limited to only a couple of choices. But in the last year a tapas restaurant opened up in Banbury and its become a favourite for work leaving lunches. I decided I should bite the bullet and go out for… Continue Reading “Eating out at the delicious Brava Tapas restaurant Banbury”

Living Arrows 2016 week 33 eating out

doctoring a pizza express pasta dish

Last week I had a day off work, and N the day off holiday club.  The decision was made to have a day trip to London.  Of course there were lots of ‘I don’t want to go on a boat/don’t want to go/don’t know what I want to dos’ before and during the trip.  But the weather was beautiful and we did in fact get to do everything to plan as well as N enjoying it. But most important for… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 33 eating out”

The easiest (and delicious) pear and chocolate tart ever

pear almond and chocolate tart - Bubbablue and me

I love pears and chocolate together – as proven by my love of Nigella Lawson’s pear and chocolate pudding for last minute dessert needs. Now the weather’s (in theory) a bit warmer, a lighter dessert is sometimes needed. There’s always chilled pastry in the fridge for quick and easy pudding, and I decided that a pear and chocolate tart would be the way to go. I’m a big believer in store cupboard essentials, and tinned pears work perfectly fine for… Continue Reading “The easiest (and delicious) pear and chocolate tart ever”

Visiting Castleyard cafe and mooching round Oxford

Castleyard Cafe at Oxford castle - Bubbablue and me

I love a day out in Oxford and having lived there for 3 years, and in the county for most of my life, it’s great to have some little gems of places to eat out for different occasions.  We were recently invited to Oxford to try out the newly revamped Castleyard Cafe at Oxford Castle.  N wanted to stay on the farm, so instead I headed to Oxford to meet up with Mary from Over 40 and a mum to one… Continue Reading “Visiting Castleyard cafe and mooching round Oxford”

Feasting on Feast at Waddesdon Manor

Feast at Waddesdon Manor

I feel like I’ve not been to a National Trust property for ages despite having just renewed my membership. This time I wanted to go to the Feast weekend at Waddesdon Manor. I’d prebooked tickets – you had to pay extra even as a member, but luckily it was only cheap because N refused to go with me. He wanted to stay on the farm with his dad, even though I’d been at Blogtacular on the Saturday, so wouldn’t really see… Continue Reading “Feasting on Feast at Waddesdon Manor”