School Days – parents evening and dinosaurs

After last week’s short week, this one was about getting back into the proper routine. After a long break you forget how hard it is to do a full week at school. And that’s just the parents – fitting everything in, remembering everything that’s going on and geeing up the children. We’re definitely back into the routine again. Reading Whoop, finally N had (we think) moved up a level in reading. He’s now on level 6/orange and is going up… Continue Reading “School Days – parents evening and dinosaurs”

School Days – post Christmas lull and school disco

paper aeroplane flying

We’re back after the Christmas holidays, and the first ‘week’ of school is over.  I know some aren’t even back yet, so if you’re still enjoying the holidays, I hope the first week back goes well. N seemed happy enough going back to school. When he was asked if he enjoyed school, he even answered yes (before then remembering that maybe he shouldn’t give that away, and saying no!).  I’m really glad he enjoys school, even though he sometimes moans… Continue Reading “School Days – post Christmas lull and school disco”

School days – christmas nativity play

Christmas nativity morris dancing shepherd

That’s Christmas term done and dusted at school.  He’s had a great year so far – his maths is rocking as expected, I’m amazed how he’s applied himself to learning spellings, and his reading has blossomed. Even his writing is coming more freely and his confidence in his ability is much better than it was on starting in year 1. I was expecting N and his other year 1s to be moving up to Class 2 next term to join… Continue Reading “School days – christmas nativity play”

School days – missing school

sleeping ill boy and missing school

This week’s School Days has been a flop here thanks to illness.  Unlike reception year where N managed to pretty much avoid all the lurgy going round (apart from 1 day), he’s been wiped out by tonsillitis.  I’m gutted because it’s not even Christmas yet and he’s already had 3 days off sick vs last year’s 1!But that in itself has brought some conversations up about school. Year 1/2 tests At the start of the week (when I was sending… Continue Reading “School days – missing school”

School Days – dance festival and Advent


Bizarrely, the nearer we get to the end of term, there’s less going on at School. That’s despite all the nativity play rehearsal – or because of. So there’s less homework coming back, less funny comments and information from N. I’m wondering what he gets up to. Hopefully the break over Christmas will mean he’s a bit more forthcoming afterwards. Dance festival When I first mentioned the primary school dance festival, N wasn’t impressed. But it came round to the… Continue Reading “School Days – dance festival and Advent”

School days – writing Christmas cards

hand written christmas cards

This week’s School Days was pretty uneventful.  Or maybe it’s just N not really telling me anything that he’s been doing. VIP Whoop, it’s been another week, another VIP day.  This time, I’m still not quite sure what it was awarded for, but N was happy. He even created a couple of ‘sticker books’ for his VIP stickers! Funky camel N seems to be loving the preparations for the Christmas play, and we’ve been treated to quite a few renditions… Continue Reading “School days – writing Christmas cards”

School Days – confidence and Children in Need

choosing to do homework

This week has been a revelation following last week’s keen-ness on reading. That’s continued but a love of writing seems to have appeared as well. Or maybe it’s just because N has spotted a toy chain saw he really wants and now he’s realised he really needs to up the ante in doing school work and chores to get the reward stickers he needs. Best go and buy the chain saw in readiness while I remember where I spotted it!… Continue Reading “School Days – confidence and Children in Need”

School Days – homework and plays

pleased with his maths homework

This week was another tiring week for N. I wasn’t sure if he’d make it to tennis on Friday because Thursday he was just wiped out. But even with his tennis session now pushed back to later, he was there and had plenty of bounce for it. It amazes me how much go young children can have. Having said that, there didn’t seem to be much going on at school that he was telling me about. Strictly nativity This year… Continue Reading “School Days – homework and plays”

School days – run up to half term

practising handwriting on a tissue

Phew, it’s half term, and for once N won’t be at holiday club at all. I’ve got a flexi day off and the rest of the time he gets to go out on the farm with his dad. N’s going to love it. It’ll be hardcore for the OH though – 4 days plus the weekend and first day back of school to do because I’m away next weekend with my best friend. Onto this week’s school days. Spelling obsession… Continue Reading “School days – run up to half term”

School Days – reading levels and Red lunchtime

practising handwriting on a tissue

N is definitely on countdown to half term, despite him getting on well so far in year 1.  He never seems particularly tired apart from the odd day (usually when he’s woken up ridiculously early), and enjoys school, but the draw of being off and able to go on the farm for 3 or 4 days is too much. This week’s School Days for us was mostly about reading, with a bit f running thrown in for fun. Reading books… Continue Reading “School Days – reading levels and Red lunchtime”