Tamba Park using Jersey’s LibertyBus


Our holiday to Jersey was the first time I’ve ever taken N away and not had our car. I have to admit it makes me jittery thinking I haven’t got it to rely on, but I needn’t have worried on this holiday.  LibertyBus kindly gave us family passes while for while we were on holiday, so we were able to explore the island. For N, he loves public transport.  Living where we do, the buses just aren’t viable to use. … Continue Reading “Tamba Park using Jersey’s LibertyBus”

A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey

child friendly break in merton hotel jersery - Bubbablue and me

Our summer trip to Jersey was a bit last minute (as so many of our holidays are), and booked on a vague recommendation.  Plus it was somewhere we could fly to without passports, so we could tick off N’s wish to go on a plane. I’d asked around before booking a hotel because I was struggling to find somewhere. Lots of hotels looked like they didn’t take children, other big brand hotels that in the UK I’d think of as… Continue Reading “A child friendly stay at Merton Hotel Jersey”

Summer circus fun at Odds Farm Park


I’ve heard good things about Odds Farm Park, so when they sent us tickets to go over the summer holidays, we were there like a shot. We took a friend and her daughter with us, and the day turned out to be a beautiful sunny one too. Perfect for a day out. Odds Farm Park is near High Wycombe in the middle of nowhere and we arrived just after opening. There’s plenty of car parking and it needed it, with… Continue Reading “Summer circus fun at Odds Farm Park”

Dashed high expectations of National Trust’s Claydon

Visiting National Trust Claydon - Bubbablue and me

You know when you decide to go somewhere on a whim, don’t really take much notice of the information provided beforehand and end up at a place that isn’t really suitable or what was expected? That’s exactly how I felt about the National Trust’s Claydon. Whenever the new National Trust booklet comes out, or I do an online search for places near us, Claydon was always one of the nearby houses that was on my vague to visit list. We… Continue Reading “Dashed high expectations of National Trust’s Claydon”

A London day trip featuring a City Cruises river tour

London day trip river train and tram - Bubbablue and me

I love visiting London. I’d hate to live and work there, but to visit, I’d happily go and explore every corner of the city given half the chance. I try to take N each year because it reminds me of the trips my mum used to take us on a couple of times a year. We’re only an hour away on the train – although during the week it’s a disgusting price if you want to get into town at… Continue Reading “A London day trip featuring a City Cruises river tour”

A day trip to quirky Watermouth Castle

visiting quirky watermouth castle - Bubbablueandme

While on our camping holiday we’d had several recommendations from our camping buddies to visit Watermouth Castle.  I was told it was a rather quirky and twee adventure park, great for younger primary school age children.  I’m happy with quirky, so on our final full day, a group of us with younger children headed off to Watermouth. Watermouth Castle is like a miniature theme park for kids, complete with purpose built castle, activities, rides, gnomes and historical museum pieces.  All… Continue Reading “A day trip to quirky Watermouth Castle”

Second National Trust property in a day – Chastleton House

Visiting Chastleton House National Trust - Bubbbalue and me

On my big National Trust weekend (3 properties in 1 weekend), I popped over the Chastleton House one afternoon. I’m not usually a fan of properties that open in the afternoon because I much prefer getting to places early and so leaving enough time to get home in the afternoon, turn N out on the farm with his dad while I can make tea. But it worked quite well with another visit in the morning nearby. My visit to Chastleton was… Continue Reading “Second National Trust property in a day – Chastleton House”

Farming and family fun at the first ever BBC Countryfile Live

Days out Countryfle Live - Bubbablueand me

As soon as I spotted the BBC were doing the first Countryfile Live show, and that it was local to us, I knew we would be going.  We’re farmers (well, N tells me I’m not, but I live on a farm and am married to one) and watch Countryfile every week.  As I’m sure most farmers do.  So of course it was an essential day out for us. We were lucky enough to get hold of tickets (blimey, by that… Continue Reading “Farming and family fun at the first ever BBC Countryfile Live”

Carriages at National Trust’s Arlington Court


When we go on holiday I always want to do more than sitting on the beach. Our recent camping trip I did relax that a bit and we had 3 full days on the beach. But we also took a couple of days out for a day at Watermouth Castle, a brief trip to Ilfracombe and a visit to Arlington Court.   Arlington Court is another National Trust property. It’s a lovely location for families to visit. When we arrived,… Continue Reading “Carriages at National Trust’s Arlington Court”

How to fill an hour in Ilfracombe

How to fill an hour in Ilfracombe - Bubbablue and me

One foggy morning on our recent holiday to North Devon, I decided we’d go to Arlington Court, but with it not opening until 11, we decided to detour to Ilfracombe first. What can I say about Ilfracombe? Not a lot because there’s not that much there. An aquarium, the Anthony Gormley pregnant warrior sculpture, a lifeboat station and a land train. Other than that, not much. We parked for an hour before having a look in the lifeboat station and… Continue Reading “How to fill an hour in Ilfracombe”