Christmas at Blenheim Palace – light fantastic

Christmas lights at Blenheim Palace - Bubbablue and me

When Blenheim Palace first announced their Christmas at Blenheim light show, I was always champing at the bit to be able to get hold of tickets.  But then I heard the cost.  When you are a National Trust member you get to see amazing shows like the displays and installations at Waddesdon for free. So as annual pass holders it was disappointing to see how much it was going to cost. But with it being the first year the light… Continue Reading “Christmas at Blenheim Palace – light fantastic”

Winter wonderland – what makes winter so special?


The temperature’s due to drop here this evening, and being out in the countryside we do tend to see some of the colder temperatures in our region. We’re also just getting the advent calendar ready so that means we’re out of the mellow mists of autumn and into the frosty ice-scraping mornings of winter. What makes the winter season a winter wonderland… Clear blue skies and crisp frosty weather Snuggling under fluffy blankets Hot chocolate Big winter coats Wearing boots… Continue Reading “Winter wonderland – what makes winter so special?”

Alternative Christmas nativity play and characters


Before N was at school I often heard rumblings around this time of year, about the Christmas play. But it wasn’t always the nativity which you would expect to see. No, the nativity had been extended to encompass any type of random creature that you wouldn’t normally expect. I presume this is because teachers (and potentially parents with several children) got sick of teaching young children the same nativity play each year. Instead the Christmas play scripts on offer have… Continue Reading “Alternative Christmas nativity play and characters”

Explaining no trick or treating


Halloween is always interesting to explain to children. Especially once there’s the peer pressure from school to go trick or treating. In the past N has had some kind of costume to go to nursery in. Although he’s not really into dressing up so it had mostly just been a pumpkin t shirt or Dracula cape. And the last few years we have carved or decorated pumpkins. But that’s mainly for the excitement of picking our own, or getting creative.… Continue Reading “Explaining no trick or treating”

Season of mists – what makes autumn?

what makes autumn great - Bubbablue and me

Keats called it the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It has 2 start dates – 1st September and after the Autumn Equinox near the end of the month. Autumn is pretty spectacular and has plenty of reasons why it’s so special,  including the fact that people born in autumn tend to live longer. I love autumn and it seems that everyone else seems to as well. Ok, maybe not the rain, gloomy evenings drawing in, and having to wear… Continue Reading “Season of mists – what makes autumn?”

How to pick pumpkins and Millets Farm Centre visit

newbie-tips to pick your own pumpkin and a trip to millets farm centre bubbablue and me

While I hate saying goodbye to the lovely summer weather we had in September, I do love autumn. Not only because it’s my birthday month but also for the colour, mists, sunrise and sunsets, bonfires and more. Pumpkins were never really on my mind until a few years ago when we went pumpkin picking at Hatton Adventure World. Autumn Last year we slacked and just bought one from the supermarket. But this year we wanted to go again. Because picking… Continue Reading “How to pick pumpkins and Millets Farm Centre visit”

National Trust Easter trails at Stowe Gardens

easter trails at Stowe Gardens - Bubbablue and me

I love doing the Easter trails at National Trust venues, and this year decided we’d go to Stowe Gardens. We’d arranged to meet friends on Good Friday, and given the weather was looking great, thought we’d do Stowe that day and give the 3 boys plenty of chance to run around. N always moans about Stowe because it’s a long walk (probably 10 minutes in reality) from the welcome building to the gardens, but sometimes we go on the little… Continue Reading “National Trust Easter trails at Stowe Gardens”

Christmas 2015 on the farm

Christmas is over for another year. It’s a bit strange because for the first time ever I’ve not worked up until Christmas eve, and will be having nearly 2 weeks off work.  For me it feels like a bit of wasted time because friends go away or are busy with family, we do a few meals with family, but on the farm it’s still pretty much normal working apart from a few hours off on Christmas day.  And because of… Continue Reading “Christmas 2015 on the farm”

Living Arrows 2015 week 52 – Christmas eve

Christmas day portrait

For week 52 of Living Arrows, this photo was on Christmas eve.  We’d been for a big family meal at the pub, got back and N was putting out mince pie, carrot and glass of milk for Father Christmas’ anticipated visit. N does look a bit worried, but actually he chose to stand there are have his photo taken which I was surprised about.  I love the lights behind him like a little halo. He suffered with a cold all… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 52 – Christmas eve”

29 seasonal activities for an advent calendar

29+ seasonal activities for advent calendars - Bubbablue and me

Last year N had a treat and had a Lego advent calendar, but I’m tight so wasn’t going to buy another one.  He also had a fabric calendar  that I filled with chocolate coins and slips of paper with activities on. This year, I planned to do the same fabric advent calendar.   We did discuss advent again…because N needs to understand the run up, that it’s the preparation for Christmas, and not Christmas already arriving.  N decided he wanted another… Continue Reading “29 seasonal activities for an advent calendar”