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Boost your child’s reading confidence – Sparkup Magical Book Reader

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sparkup magical book reader

I’ve always tried to instill a love of books in N and it seems to be working so far. He’ll choose books to look at on his own, insists on certain books at bedtime, and loves it when he finds a new book that he likes.  He’s only just started thinking about liking letters (mostly […] Read more…


Childhood creativity in an ‘uncreative’ family

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layering playdoh

I’ve never thought of myself as creative – as a grown up I’ve done card and jewellery making. My strength is an eye for colour and placement rather than innovation. Having N, I try to encourage creativity. I want to see him enjoying his childhood creativity, and to continue for as long as possible.  His imagination is […] Read more…


Pottering garden play

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scooping water out of a paddling pool

Even though the weather’s not quite as warm as it’s recently been, that’s not stopped N from getting out in the garden after nursery.  I love to see him pottering around and he’s reliable enough that he knows how far he can roam without us being outside with him, other than the occasional check. We […] Read more…


Mix and match t shirts with Toogiez

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toogiez sheldon duck

As you probably know, we do like our t shirts, and N’s also partial to his favourite toys, which he does frequently take to nursery.  They do quite often get left there – whether in his drawer or temporarily lost because he can’t remember where he left them.  But the new product Toogiez being launched, […] Read more…


What do children take to bed

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taking teddies to bed

Soft toys, teddy bears, cars…what do children take to bed with them?  N has his favourite soft toys that he’s had since a baby – Peter Rabbit was his newborn present from his Gran, and he’s always loved it.  His taggy blanket I made him is a little grey and manky nowadays.  One red ribbon […] Read more…


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