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Exploring flying with Peppa Pig Muddy Puddles jumbo jet

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peppa pig muddy puddle jumbo jet opening

Like many all 3 year olds, N is obsessed with Peppa Pig.  I’m not overly keen as I’m not really a big fan of character items, plus having to turn on another of our Peppa Pig recordings every 5 minutes when I’m trying to do things in another room, is a bit of a pain. […] Read more…


Boost your child’s reading confidence – Sparkup Magical Book Reader

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sparkup magical book reader

I’ve always tried to instill a love of books in N and it seems to be working so far. He’ll choose books to look at on his own, insists on certain books at bedtime, and loves it when he finds a new book that he likes.  He’s only just started thinking about liking letters (mostly […] Read more…


Childhood creativity in an ‘uncreative’ family

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layering playdoh

I’ve never thought of myself as creative – as a grown up I’ve done card and jewellery making. My strength is an eye for colour and placement rather than innovation. Having N, I try to encourage creativity. I want to see him enjoying his childhood creativity, and to continue for as long as possible.  His imagination is […] Read more…


Tom and Jerry Tricky Trap House – play at their peril

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tom and jerry

N doesn’t have many games but he does enjoy role playing, plus anything that makes him laugh, so I thought he would really enjoy the Tom and Jerry Tricky Trap house from Flair that we got sent to review. I, of course, remember Tom and Jerry from my childhood, but the show isn’t something that […] Read more…


New Things – Introducing bean bag games

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bean bag throwing game- bubbablueandme

It’s week 2 of our CSMA Club #NewThings challenge (read last week’s Visit a new place here), and the task was to play a new game. Now, we have a lot of games, but N’s not really fussed about trying any of them. Sometimes if his cousin wants to play, we might get one out […] Read more…


Pottering garden play

| On the farm, Toys & Gadgets

scooping water out of a paddling pool

Even though the weather’s not quite as warm as it’s recently been, that’s not stopped N from getting out in the garden after nursery.  I love to see him pottering around and he’s reliable enough that he knows how far he can roam without us being outside with him, other than the occasional check. We […] Read more…


Hang out with Blu and a Rio 2 DVD giveaway

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rio 2 dvd

N doesn’t really watch many films.  He will watch never ending Peppa Pig or Peter Rabbit, but put him in front of a film and he’ll want you to turn it off after 15 minutes.  Unless it’s Rio. Rio is the one film that he’ll request and sit and watch. Admittedly, I’ve never seen the […] Read more…


Reminiscing about childhood memories and toys

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childhood memories and toys

Clearing and decluttering really does take a long time to do.  Even worse is when you need to clear out your own house, but you’re spending your free time clearing out someone else’s.  In this case, our mum’s house.  We’ve still not managed to sell the house – so much for a housing boom, damn […] Read more…


Mix and match t shirts with Toogiez

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toogiez sheldon duck

As you probably know, we do like our t shirts, and N’s also partial to his favourite toys, which he does frequently take to nursery.  They do quite often get left there – whether in his drawer or temporarily lost because he can’t remember where he left them.  But the new product Toogiez being launched, […] Read more…


What do children take to bed

| Milestones, Observations, Toys & Gadgets

taking teddies to bed

Soft toys, teddy bears, cars…what do children take to bed with them?  N has his favourite soft toys that he’s had since a baby – Peter Rabbit was his newborn present from his Gran, and he’s always loved it.  His taggy blanket I made him is a little grey and manky nowadays.  One red ribbon […] Read more…


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