Bite to eat at pop-up Jamie Oliver’s Diner, Shaftesbury Avenue

Jamie Oliver's Diner sign

I love eating out, especially when out and about. Yes, I could save money and pack a picnic, but then you’re dependent on the weather, finding somewhere to sit (not easy when you’re in the middle of a city), and I have to try and put off N who would happily eat it all on the journey.  I dread to think what he’ll be like on school trips where he’ll take a packed lunch. I took N up to London… Continue Reading “Bite to eat at pop-up Jamie Oliver’s Diner, Shaftesbury Avenue”

A Kids Week London day trip to see The Gruffalo and Buckingham Palace

Kids week London day trip to Buckingham Palace and The Gruffalo

I love going to London for a day trip.  It reminds me of my youth when our mum used to take us a couple of times a year to share the great sites and reminisce about her days living in London while she was at college for a bit. So I love to take N when we can.  I do feel sad for people who don’t get to see their own capital city and enjoy the experience. The OH always… Continue Reading “A Kids Week London day trip to see The Gruffalo and Buckingham Palace”

Going back in time with Legends inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox

happy with the giant dinosaur

I love really thinking about what I can buy friends and family for birthday and Christmas presents.  Some of you may have seen me asking around recently for gift ideas for my best friend (she’s even commented that she feels that her presents are a bit rubbish compared to the ones I get because I put so much thought into them), and I’ve thankfully found something unique and hopefully exciting again. But, when you get really stuck, it’s always worth… Continue Reading “Going back in time with Legends inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox”

How clean is your house? The 4 standards of cleaning

how clean is your house - 4 standards of cleaning

Like many other people, I hate cleaning. I do a quick wipe round (wipes may not be sustainable, but they do make it easier to do a minute here and there) after cooking and in the bathroom as and when, but a regular proper clean I’ll put off until I can see things need doing. Our house isn’t really conducive to having an immaculate house.  Of course there’s N (who’s a law unto himself unless I’m up with him at… Continue Reading “How clean is your house? The 4 standards of cleaning”

Living Arrows 2015 week 38 – waiting

waiting for the bus

This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken on our trip to Oxford.  We went for a children’s concert, grabbed some lunch afterwards, and then sat waiting for the park and ride bus.  It was a long wait, but N was happy to sit on one of the ‘benches’ by one of the university colleges while we waited at the bus stop. I took a few photos of him sitting there, and while none of them had the perfect happy facial… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 38 – waiting”

School days – the one about wellies and water

School days the one about wellies and water

Week 3 of school is complete.  I’m surprised at how many children only started school this week, when so many others started 3 weeks ago.  But then, so far it doesn’t seem that N’s done anything on phonics, maths (other than general play), or starting to look at letters other than writing his name – we’re on 3 letters, 6 to learn! And I’m hearing left right and centre other children who’re already reading words and books.  People always say… Continue Reading “School days – the one about wellies and water”

Project 365 2015 week 38


It’s another week of Project 365, and this is now the downhill stint into winter.  That means fewer photos taken and fewer to choose from.  Oh, and not forgetting the darker light mucking around with photos. Onto week 38: On Sunday my plans for us going out to a ‘zoo’ where they train animals for films and tv were aborted thanks to N refusing to go. So it was a day at home (after a morning bike ride and scoot… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 38”

Chocolate & peppermint loaf cake – a Home Bargains blogger challenge

blogger baking challenge- chocolate & peppermint cake

I go through phases of baking. Well, being a farmer’s wife I need to be able to bake on occasion. But then I was asked to take part in the Home Bargains blogger baking challenge in celebration of Great British Bake Off. Well, cake and I, go together like mint and chocolate, so I couldn’t say no. We’ve recently had a Home Bargains open in our town, and I love having a mooch around.  I’ve also bought a few of… Continue Reading “Chocolate & peppermint loaf cake – a Home Bargains blogger challenge”

Playdate at the MAD Museum, Stratford-upon-Avon

MAD Museum Stratford-upon-Avon Bubbablueandme

We don’t do many playdates, purely because N’s had nursery during the week.  At weekends when we’re free, most people are doing family things.  We have managed to do a few playdates at friends’ houses and ours, and at parks – all the better because none of us have to do any cleaning (apart from maybe the car if we’re sharing lifts). But just before N started school, we had a few days off work and nursery so he could… Continue Reading “Playdate at the MAD Museum, Stratford-upon-Avon”