Festival and garden fun with a Loubilou Toby Wagon giveaway

Win an all terrain Toby Wagon via Loubilou.com

I’ve been to a couple of festivals (mostly as a day visitor), and have always been in awe of anyone with a wagon to pull around their gear, tent, food, child and more.  Ok, at first I was a bit blase because pulling a lump like N around a festival site would be quite a good workout, but the more I’ve seen them, the more I’ve thought they were a great idea. As for the children themselves, I’m sure any… Continue Reading “Festival and garden fun with a Loubilou Toby Wagon giveaway”

Music Exploration with children 12 – let’s rock

musical exploration badge

I’m a bit late this month with our Music Exploration post, but I’m blaming our holiday for it.  I’d scheduled a few posts, but there’s only so much I could get done, so music had to wait until our return. This month’s been a little short on achievement musically.  I’d planned for country music to be a decent part because of the C2C  festival on Radio 2.  We did catch some of the music on the radio, but not enough… Continue Reading “Music Exploration with children 12 – let’s rock”

Living Arrows 2015 week 11 – things he loves

Scrummies snacks - Living Arrows

There’s certain things that N really loves. One is food. Any food most of the time.  But in particular snacks. Another of his favourite things is his soft toys.  Like most children his age, N has quite a few soft toys.  Peter Rabbit he’s had since birth, but he’s since got a Benjamin Bunny – one from the tv show rather than the original book.  Although he does have a couple of favourites, he’ll happily wander round with any one… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 11 – things he loves”

How to make personalised photo tile coasters

personalised photo tiles

Last Christmas I was debating what to get my best friend for a present…I’ve exhausted a lot of my brilliant ideas, and the pressure’s on because she’s been really pleased and chuffed with the really thoughtful presents that she’s loved and been totally surprised at.  I had some nice photos of her son and some of the places we’d met up over the year, so thought I’d use those to create a handmade present. Of course time moves on so… Continue Reading “How to make personalised photo tile coasters”

Make a pretty origami flower notelet

origami flower wreath

You might have seen my post on 5 ideas for easy and cheap (or free) paper ideas for children.  At the time of writing I’d not quite worked out the template for this one, but now I can bring you a template to make a pretty origami flower notelet. N received one of these as a thank you note, and I grabbed hold of it because I loved how it was folded.  I’m planning to make lots of these in… Continue Reading “Make a pretty origami flower notelet”

Project 365 2015 week 11

The fake Banbury banksy

It’s week 11 of Project 365, and I’ve only got 6 photos this week.  I will have one for Saturday, but N and I are away for a few days, and I’m not all that app’d up to edit photos on it.  I’ll have to wait until next week and add Saturday’s photo to week 12. This week’s been a real mish mash of photos again.  I’m still finding days where I don’t get the camera out and then I… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 11″

Revisiting my old school for lambing weekend

lamb and ewe kissing

We might be on a farm, and about to launch into lambing season ourselves (well, my brother in law because the OH isn’t a sheep fan, so only has cattle himself), but now N is older he goes out without me on the farm with his dad.  So to get any photos and evidence of what he’s been up to is non-existent because the OH doesn’t do photos.  Especially not when he’s working. So when I spotted that my old… Continue Reading “Revisiting my old school for lambing weekend”

Baby hits the spot – name calling

Bubbablue and me avatar

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a fly on the wall and watch N play.  Mostly because on the whole he tells me he’s done ‘nothing’, played on his own, and not enjoyed himself.  Of course this is totally contradictory to what the nursery staff say, as also proven by what I can watch on the nursery cctv and what I see on picking him up (and having to wait ages while he finishes playing!). To… Continue Reading “Baby hits the spot – name calling”

Summer ready, shorts galore

Gap childrenwear bargains

I love spring, and we’re most definitely now in it.  Sod that the equinox hasn’t been and gone yet, meteorologically, March equals spring.  So that means new clothes, lighter, brighter clothes, and sales shopping. Admittedly, I’m waiting until I lose some more weight (it was going well, but has slowed a bit in the last week or two) before I buy lots of nice clothes for me, but N needs shorts and summer trousers so I can still go shopping. … Continue Reading “Summer ready, shorts galore”