The mystery that is primary school uniform

mystery of primary school uniform - Bubbablue and me

To those of you with school age children already, do share your experiences and advice.  I’m after a lot of information to help smooth my (I reckon the kids get the easy end of the deal) path into the school age child stage. It’s all about the mystery of primary school uniforms. Size My first issue with primary school uniforms.  It’s a minefield.  I started looking in July before the school holidays, but I’ve already had problems finding uniform that… Continue Reading “The mystery that is primary school uniform”

My Sunday Photo – nearly harvest

Silent Sunday poppies against wheat field

We do have some arable on the farm, but mostly grass for sileage or haylage, and a bit of crops.  But I’d spotted this field a while ago with the poppies on the roadside and wanted to go back and take some photos. I went back last Sunday thinking the wheat would have been harvested, but it was still there.  The field has no fence or hedge, it’s right up to the road, with a tiny grass verge/path separating the… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – nearly harvest”

Project 365 2015 week 34

Oxford bus museum coach run

It’s week 34 of Project 365, and it’s been a week that’s big on flowers, and more getting outside.  I’ve heard lots of people saying that there’s not been a summer this year, but they’re obviously not living in our area because it’s been pretty warm to hot, and there’s not been that much rain.  I’ve certainly got a good tan this year, despite not having got my outdoor swimming pool tan like last year. Onto the photos: Sunday, we… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 34”

Camping lessons – 5 things that camping teaches you

5 things that camping teaches you

Ok, ok, I know there’s been a lot of camping posts recently, but for newbies to camping there’s always lots of questions before making the decision to go.  Even once you’ve booked to go, there’s still millions of questions especially if you’re going with non-campers. Of course there’re the benefits of camping that are obvious: outdoor living freedom from routine (no needing to be out of B&Bs or hotels while they clean) getting back to basics (especially if you’re going… Continue Reading “Camping lessons – 5 things that camping teaches you”

Green People children’s sun lotion for summer

Green people sun lotion

We’ve just come back from a (mostly) warm and sunny week camping in Weymouth.  I seemed to have packed about 4 different sun creams or sprays in our luggage to cater for both myself and N, but one that we both like using is from Green People. I’ve tended to use the Green People sun lotion in the past for N because I found it didn’t irritate his skin like other sun creams.  We’ve recently been sent the new children’s… Continue Reading “Green People children’s sun lotion for summer”

13 essential tasks for preparing children starting school

13 essential tasks to prepare for starting school - Bubbablue and me

We’re only a couple of weeks off starting school (every day I get asked, ‘when’s September?’) but I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the things that need to be checked off before starting.  So I thought I’d pull together a post sharing those points you may have forgotten as well as the obvious ones.  Oh, and the approximate timings. I’m assuming primary school (or kindergarten in the US), but nursery or preschool starters’ parents could also find… Continue Reading “13 essential tasks for preparing children starting school”

Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies

grooving on a sunny afternoon outside

It feels like ages since I’ve done a Music Exploration post.  Or in fact, anything about music, but looking back at my notes, we’ve been listening to quite a lot.  Informally as usual, but I’m loving that N is starting to ask more about the music we’re listening to. This month we’ve been: Discovering old music loves Most of my 350 (yep, 350!) CDs are in the loft, but I was getting a bit sick of the few that N… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 17 – golden oldies”

Breaking out of an eating out rut – restaurant challenge

try a restaurant challenge

When you’re a parent, especially a mum, life tends to change however much you try to maintain your old lifestyle. Pre-N, I would go dancing 3 to 4 nights a week, going away dancing 2 or 3 weekends a year, and always intended to go back to dancing, if only once a week, or for freestyle sessions.  But it’s not happened (not helped by most of my dancing friends stopping or moving to other dance styles), so I’ve not got… Continue Reading “Breaking out of an eating out rut – restaurant challenge”

Rushmere Country Park – a blogger meet

Wild Things at Rushmere Country Park

With working full time, it’s not often I get to blogger events unless it’s the occasional weekend conference.  But when Hayley from Shutterflies arranged an informal meet up for the Living Arrows bloggers, it was one I really wanted to make. The bonus of course, was that it was a picnic and walk about/photo walk so perfect for the children to be there too so I duly booked us a day off work and nursery. I’d offered to pick Emma… Continue Reading “Rushmere Country Park – a blogger meet”

Exploring Lulworth Castle and Lulworth Cove

Whenever we’ve been in Dorset I’ve always struggled to find nearby National Trust venues, but I do like to do one historical visit when we’re on holiday.  On this holiday, I decided that Lulworth Castle might be worth a trip. On arrival it is the most confusing place.  You have to pay for parking, and then pay for entry to the castle on top.  The parking guy parked us in a field outside, but then there were no signs or… Continue Reading “Exploring Lulworth Castle and Lulworth Cove”