Rediscovering retro musical toys

retro fisher price record player

You can’t beat retro toys, and as we were clearing out my mum’s house to sell, we gradually found more and more old toys that she’d squirrelled away in the roof on our behalf. Well, not really my brother’s because he’d sold his soul and his toys previously (apart from his Technic Lego, and his Britains farm models which N now has). But as we cleared out the house we found more and more of my old toys. Firstly, it… Continue Reading “Rediscovering retro musical toys”

Living Arrows 2015 week 25 – cousin adoration

bike riding cousins

There’s a new hero in town. It seems that N’s adoration for his 6 year old cousin has transferred to the 13 year old brother.  Let’s hope the youngest cousin isn’t put out by this. N’s always asking what the 13 year old is doing, where he is, what school he’s at.  And the fact that he’s now got a car to drive around the fields is another string to add to the hero status.  On Sunday N and I… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 25 – cousin adoration”

Cementing friendships at Britmums Live 2015

If you’re not a blogger and noticed my social media feed over the weekend, you might have wondered what on earth had been going on.  Because it was the weekend of Britmums Live which is a 2 day blogger conference, held in London, bringing together around 600 bloggers, predominantly mums, with a smattering of dad bloggers thrown in for good measure. This was my third Britmums event, and I enjoyed it just as much as last years.  It’s a great… Continue Reading “Cementing friendships at Britmums Live 2015″

Question time – questions from a 4 year old

questions of a four year old - Bubbablueandme

Anyone with a 4 year old knows that this is the age that questions are coming thick and fast.  It’s never ending, I have no idea what prompts some of them.  I’d love to know how their minds actually work. N’s always been a bit of a talker (wonder where he gets that from?!), so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that all day he’s chatting, singing and asking numerous questions.  Some are obvious and easy to answer, others aren’t… Continue Reading “Question time – questions from a 4 year old”

Project 365 2015 week 25 – cars, climbing frames and child

Stickle bricks creations

It’s a huge week 25 of Project 365, and it’s a real hotch potch of photos this week.  I’ve not had my good camera out much, so photos are more sparse to choose from at the moment.  But onto the week of photos. Sunday was our local district show.  We had a bit of a disastrous Sunday  with plans being screwed up, but we did get out for a couple of hours to the show.  One of the stars was… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 25 – cars, climbing frames and child”

A first Legoland adventure

A trip to Legoland Windsor

It seems like ages ago that we went to Legoland, although it was after half term.  Time flies when you’ve got blog posts to write!  We’d received vouchers after writing my bucket and spade list post, and I’d decided on the day after half term as a good day to go.  Someone had told me that Mondays were generally quiet in term time so we packed our bag, sun lotion and drinks and off we drove. I’m originally from Windsor… Continue Reading “A first Legoland adventure”

Healing power of Natrasan First aid spray – giveaway

Natrasan first aid spray review and comp

Generally I’m quite relaxed about medical treatment for bumps and bruises.  We get a lot of bruises.  I think it’s genetic (plus I’m on warfarin so bruise more easily now), because as a child my mum always worried about all my leg bruises, and N’s the same.  My view is that it’s a sign of a great fun childhood, exploring with lots of physical exercise. I think N’s been pretty lucky as well.  He has had quite a few accident… Continue Reading “Healing power of Natrasan First aid spray – giveaway”

Boys swimwear from House of Fraser

Swimwear’s a bit of an unknown for me with N.  When he was at Water Babies, it was easy.  A happy nappy plus then a rash vest because I didn’t want him shivering, plus it was easier to grab him rather than a wriggly bare torso.  But moving on from that has meant some thinking was required. Now he’s in normal children’s swimming lessons, I’ve continued with the rash vest which is the norm for him, and have had to… Continue Reading “Boys swimwear from House of Fraser”

Music Exploration 15 – last night of the proms

musical exploration badge

Damn that headache after a work conference in a boiling hot room yesterday.  Hence this Music Exploration post is a day late…maybe I should just change my day to the 16th each month?! Anyway, there’s been a lot of music going on this month.  Most of it is by accident rather than specific intention, but there’s definitely signs that N is enjoying different types of music and choosing music off his own back.  This is really what I was aiming… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 15 – last night of the proms”