Trendy Thursday: a child’s choice and Frugi clothes

| Reviews, Style

little poser - Frugi t shirt

It’s another Trendy Thursday, and I’ve got a couple of picks today. The first wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t resist including it. Like always, I set out clothes last night for N to wear today. But he decided he didn’t want to wear those. So once I was busy getting make-up and hair done, he […] Read more…


Haircut trip with Dad

| Days out, Family

smart little boy haircut

It’s not often we go out as a family as the OH’s always working. Sometimes if there’s a daytime BBQ or party of mutual friends then we’ll be there, but otherwise it’s always me taking N off somewhere. So when we do go out, even for mundane occasions it’s quite a novelty for N. For […] Read more…


Project 365 photo a day – week 33

| Photography

11th Aug 2014 (Mon) Supermoon august 2014

Well it was the week of the supermoon, so needless to say one of my photos from my project 365 photo a day this week is the moon. It’s the first time I’ve managed to actually take a decent photo of it.  There was me frantically trying to set up my joby gorillapod*, and attempt […] Read more…


Role play – come to my shop

| Milestones, Observations

role play - playing shop

N’s role play is really coming alive now.  He’s been a bit limited before and it’s mostly been involving driving vehicles. But now it’s much more make believe, and making up stories using items that maybe aren’t relevent.  It’s definitely a case of pretending that what he’s using is a certain item…when it absolutely isn’t. […] Read more…


Music Exploration with children linky 5

| Activities & education, Music, Things to do

musical exploration badge

Ok, so my intentions on starting this musical exploration with children linky were to gradually introduce N to different genres of music each month. You can find last month’s linky here to see what everyone’s been up to. My original objective’s not really gone to plan, mostly because what we listen to is the radio […] Read more…

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Washi tape ideas – bookmark tutorial

| Activities & education, Books, Crafty stuff, Things to do

Washi tape ideas - make upcycled folder bookmarks

Months ago I bought some washi tape after seeing some great washi tape ideas over on Pinterest and other blogs.  My intention was to make some bookmarks amonst other things, but it’s only been recently that I got round to finding some time to do it.  Usually when I read books, I just grab whatever bit […] Read more…


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