Going the lazy but sensible route with Stuck on You name labels

Stuck on You name labels

It’s getting to the time of year when I’m trying to decide and buy school uniform for N.  While he does have sweatshirts and a polo shirt for both nurseries, It’s sporadic in when he actually wears them, depending on what’s been washed when.  From September I’m going to have to get wise otherwise he’ll end up going into school in someone else’s or his own dirty unwashed uniform. Once I’ve finally found a pair of grey school trousers that… Continue Reading “Going the lazy but sensible route with Stuck on You name labels”

First steps to starting school

First steps to starting school - Bubbablueandme

Today has been what is probably the biggest day of N’s life so far.  His settling in day where he’ll be starting school in September. I thought he’d be fine, given he’s been at nursery since he was around 1 year old.  He’s always settled well at both nurseries he goes too, making friends, loving the teachers, and just generally enjoying life the way he always does.  I also knew he would be starting school with around 7 or 8 children… Continue Reading “First steps to starting school”

Living Arrows 2015 week 28

Meeting his new jellycat dog teddy

In this week’s Living Arrows shot, N had a delivery.  N’s a bit of a softy and does love his soft toys, so he was really excited to see this new dog toy turn up.  He spent quite some time sitting at the kitchen table talking to it, staring it down and just generally getting to ‘know’ it.  It just shows how loving he can be – and that relates to people too. There’s always lots of hugs going on,… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 28″

Project 365 2015 week 28

Beautiful white roses

It’s week 28 of Project 365, a photo a day for a year, and as usual it’s a bit of a mix up. We don’t have many flowers in our garden (well, some now dying wild cloves, and some rose shrubs that crop up each year), so I make the most of admiring the in laws when we’re over in their garden.  N cycles round, I take photos.  The white roses are beautiful at the moment and so thick with… Continue Reading “Project 365 2015 week 28″

Water fun at the Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival

River Festival Stratford upon Avon

While this year we’ve not been to any summer fetes yet, we’ve been to a few bigger events and festivals.  I’d noticed there was the River Festival on in Stratford-upon-Avon and knew we’d have to go and try it out.  Stratford gets busy anytime the sun goes out so we headed there as soon as possible after swimming. I wasn’t sure what time the festival would get going so I’d promised N he could play in the park.  Last time… Continue Reading “Water fun at the Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival”

The perfect blog photo. Does it really exist?

It’s been my mission this year to really improve my photography.  I bought myself a compact system camera last year, did a couple of courses to learn how to use manual, and also the theory behind photography with composition, colour, and all the various techniques and more.  So I’ve been challenging myself to try other things, and hopefully there’s been some improvement in the photography I’m taking and therefore sharing on my blog. But I’m not sure I’m really striving… Continue Reading “The perfect blog photo. Does it really exist?”

Book lover style with Roald Dahl cushions from House of Fraser – giveaway

Roald Dahl House of Fraser cushions

I have to admit our house is a tad on the unfinished side (and has been since before I moved in 13 years ago). I love looking at stylish houses, but just never have the impetous to do it in our own home. I had vague plans for N’s room but it’s still a hotch potch, and generally full of books spread all over the floor. N takes after me in loving books, so when I was shown the Roald… Continue Reading “Book lover style with Roald Dahl cushions from House of Fraser – giveaway”

The problem with water fights

the problem with water fights - Bubbablueandme

I knew it was a mistake to agree to buy N a water pistol. Yes, I hear you all say ‘are you nuts?’, and obviously I am. Living on the farm and in such close proximity to family (in laws across the drive, brother and sister-in-law’s families within 2 miles, and my brother currently within 2 miles as well) means we see a lot of family. It’s strange because although my family were close, even when we lived under 10… Continue Reading “The problem with water fights”

Living Arrows 2015 week 27 – boy and his dog

One boy and his dog - on the door step

With all the hot weather, like so many people we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. This year I’ve rescued my mum’s old wooden garden table and chairs, and am going to sand it and paint it. Last week, N had a go at sanding along with me (good job I bought 2 blocks) but afterwards he insisted on having an ice pop. He’s loving them at the moment so I have to keep the freezer well stocked with… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 27 – boy and his dog”