Muffin madness

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After eating our main meal this lunch while away, I turned to a quick and easy recipe for dinner – pizza muffins. N’s a bit funny with pizza.  Bizarre given most children lap it up. He’ll eat pizza at nursery, but not at home or out.  Whether it’s home made, or shop bought, he’ll not really eat it at all. But when he was weaning he used to like naan bread ‘pizzas’, and he has muffin versions at nursery, so… Continue Reading “Muffin madness”

Cutlery help

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Parents always seem to be asking how they can get their babies to start using cutlery and improve their use.  I was really pleased the way N picked it up, and although I didn’t really force anything with him, he was given every opportunity to use cutlery right from the word go with weaning. We did baby led weaning.  There’s several posts I wrote about our journey through weaning, so feel free to explore if you want to know more.… Continue Reading “Cutlery help”

Food glorious food

Food’s always a worrying thing when it comes to babies.  If it’s your first, you’re probably scared of weaning and how it’ll go, then once they’re eating it’s a worry about how much or what they should be eating. I chose to go with Baby Led Weaning, and it’s been going really well (although I think it’s been easier due to the fact that Nathaniel knew straight away what to do and has always been a good eater).  For us,… Continue Reading “Food glorious food”