When’s a baby not a baby?

When they’re a toddler, of course. It’s a hard one to know when they transition from baby to toddler. My view is as soon as they’re up and walking on their own, then it should be fairly obvious they’ve made the transition.  Nathaniel definitely coincided his walking with the toddlers need to be into everything, usually with a cheeky glance at us to check whether we were watching and/or disapproving. But, it’s hard to call him a toddler.  I still… Continue Reading “When’s a baby not a baby?”

New Tricks

We’re rapidly approaching a year old (well in a few weeks time), and Nathaniel’s been practising some of his new favourite tricks.  I love the way he just practises over and over again a though he’s so excited that he can do something new. So what are they: Climbing stairs.  We do now have a stairgate, but whenever he spots it open that’s it, he’s off and up the stairs.  He’s pretty speedy now, and gives a cheeky grin when… Continue Reading “New Tricks”