Week 2: One born every minute…pain

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The second week of One Born Every Minute & Netmums link up in conjunction with the tv show (C4 9pm Wed 11th).  This week the blog link up is on pain, so here’s my take on it during Nathaniel’s arrival. During our NCT antenatal classes, most of us were of the similar opinion that natural birth would be great, but we wouldn’t be turning down pain relief if it was offered… My waters broke and when I was checked on… Continue Reading “Week 2: One born every minute…pain”

One born every minute – Dads

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One Born Every Minute starts again on Channel 4 at 9pm this Wednesday 4th January, with the theme of dads.  They’ve linked up with NetMums to get people to share their birth experiences and here’s mine with my thoughts on the dad’s perspective…(although needless to say, my husband is not the type to actually share his thoughts). I was 4 days overdue.  I’d avoided going into labour on all the dates that there were shoots at the farm, but my waters… Continue Reading “One born every minute – Dads”