Mr independent – a first outing without parents

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Saturday was a sad occasion for me.  It was N’s first trip out with a friend without me…I would say without parents, but really, it’s just me because his dad works all the time, so it’s rare that he goes off the farm with his dad. So at the age of four, N is already starting to get used to going out for the day with friends.  Ok, so it wasn’t quite the whole day, but near enough. N was… Continue Reading “Mr independent – a first outing without parents”

Project 365 – photo a day week 4

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It’s week of project 365, and there’s been a lot of ‘birthday’ bits going on for N as he turned 3. Soft play for another birthday party.  Interesting session for N (see my post here), but he loved playing with the balls that fly up the pipes.  Maybe a future physicist in the making? There were a lot of cakes this week.  I didn’t do one big birthday cake as there weren’t going to be enough people eating it, but… Continue Reading “Project 365 – photo a day week 4”

Birthday party fun

Birthday party fun

So far, given he’s only 2, we’ve not got into the perpetual cycle of birthday party after birthday party.  Apart from informal ones which are just piling into soft play or general play sessions, he’s been to his 4 year old cousin’s, and someone else’s by default as he was a tag along to his cousin’s invite. But this weekend he went to his first proper birthday party for someone who he doesn’t really know that well.  She goes to… Continue Reading “Birthday party fun”

Birthday boy – 2 today

My little man is now 2 (or will be at just after 3 this afternoon).  Just in the last couple of weeks he’s come on so much. He’s now 88cm tall, weighs 2 stone and has size 6 feet. In the last 2 weeks he’s been putting together words left right and centre, and his speech is getting a bit clearer. He loves making noises along with the vehicles he’s playing with, and his favourite teddy is now his big… Continue Reading “Birthday boy – 2 today”

Birthday Preparations

It’s N’s birthday tomorrow, so the last couple of days I’ve been sorting bits out.  With the snow, the plans to meet up with friends at soft play isn’t going to happen so we’ll be postponing that.  He’ll also have a couple of presents later on from family members due to none of us wanting to travel in the snow. Luckily he’s still young enough to know no difference, but it sounds like this weekend has been a busy one… Continue Reading “Birthday Preparations”

Birthday boy

The last year’s gone so quickly…my baby’s not a baby any longer, he’s a one year old toddler.  It was his first birthday yesterday, plus with him having started walking a couple of weeks ago, he’s definitely moved into toddlerdom. It was a very low key birthday, no party, just a normal day with a few presents, seeing lots of family members who dropped in, and of course cake.  I’m not a great cake baker – well, I enjoy baking… Continue Reading “Birthday boy”

Birthday preparations

Well, I say birthday preparations, but actually I’ve not started thinking about them, other to agree that our NCT joint 1st birthday party can be held at our house, and to debate whether we need to have a specific 1st party for Nathaniel. Would it be really bad not to have one?  It seems from everyone else I’m talking to that they’re planning themed parties, and they’re spending a lot of time organising. My theory was as he was having… Continue Reading “Birthday preparations”