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The Photo Gallery 129: The Bond

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I’ve not joined in with The Gallery for a few months, but I’ve got some really great pictures recently (and one from last year) which suits the theme perfectly. N loves having his family round, and we’re lucky that both sides of the family live within 7 miles so he sees them regularly. If you […] Read more…


Blog hopping with Linky Followers

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For those of you in the know or not, Google Friends Connect is gone for none Blogger blogs, and is rumoured to be out in the future.  So the blogging world is looking out for different options to keep in touch with those blogs we love and for finding new ones.  Linky Followers is a new one, […] Read more…


Listography: tips for bloggers

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I’ve not been blogging for very long but as Kate says when setting the theme for this time’s listography, there’s tips that are useful from any level of blogger.  So here’re my tips: 1. Write because you want to.  Have a reason – it may evolve and change, but as long as you’re writing and […] Read more…