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Britmums Live 2014 – friendly, informative and fun

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Well, I tried to get my title to be all f’s, but informative will have to suffice.  Last weekend was Britmums Live 2014, and this year I made it to the whole lot.  I had a sponsor this year, the fabulous Water Babies, so many thanks to them. While other bloggers were planning what they […] Read more…


Why I Blog: An Introduction … and … A Reminder to Myself to Keep at It

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G’day UK! I’m Francesca and the lovely Emma has allowed me to pop over for a visit here on her blog as part of International Blog Swap Day, a joint initiative of Tots100 (UK) and Digital Parents (Aus). I’ve never been to the UK, so this is a nice way for me to travel vicariously […] Read more…


What’s Blog Camp all about?

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You may have seen the tweets flying about last weekend, and noticed the posts that have subsequently been appearing on blogs.  But if not, Saturday was Blog Camp in Birmingham.  This was my first Blog Camp, and I was lucky to get on the list as I missed the original email releasing tickets, so was […] Read more…


Blogging – just an online diary or something more

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There’s a whole load of reasons why people write blogs.  Some aspire to be writers, or want to write something for them, others want to share some learnings or experiences they’ve had.  Others, like me, start out wanting to journal what they’ve got up to.  With a child, it’s a great way to be able […] Read more…


Listography: tips for bloggers

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I’ve not been blogging for very long but as Kate says when setting the theme for this time’s listography, there’s tips that are useful from any level of blogger.  So here’re my tips: 1. Write because you want to.  Have a reason – it may evolve and change, but as long as you’re writing and […] Read more…