The perfect blog photo. Does it really exist?

It’s been my mission this year to really improve my photography.  I bought myself a compact system camera last year, did a couple of courses to learn how to use manual, and also the theory behind photography with composition, colour, and all the various techniques and more.  So I’ve been challenging myself to try other things, and hopefully there’s been some improvement in the photography I’m taking and therefore sharing on my blog. But I’m not sure I’m really striving… Continue Reading “The perfect blog photo. Does it really exist?”

Cementing friendships at Britmums Live 2015

If you’re not a blogger and noticed my social media feed over the weekend, you might have wondered what on earth had been going on.  Because it was the weekend of Britmums Live which is a 2 day blogger conference, held in London, bringing together around 600 bloggers, predominantly mums, with a smattering of dad bloggers thrown in for good measure. This was my third Britmums event, and I enjoyed it just as much as last years.  It’s a great… Continue Reading “Cementing friendships at Britmums Live 2015”

Summer’s here with the Britmums Carnival

Britmums carnival summer theme - Bubbablueandme

I didn’t realise until I was reading everyone else’s posts that I didn’t actually have my own summer themed post from the last few weeks!  Oops.  Poor planning.  That doesn’t mean of course that there aren’t plenty of other summer themed posts floating around the blogosphere that I can include in my Britmums Carnival round up. Hopefully everyone’s enjoying the improved weather.  Whether you’re taking time out in the garden or taking a breather from the warmth indoors, do sit… Continue Reading “Summer’s here with the Britmums Carnival”

I’m going to Britmums Live 2015

Bubbablue and me avatar

So it’s that time of year again, and I’m getting into prep mode for Britmums Live.  I’ve finally got round to doing my ‘I’m going to’ post, so here’s me if you’re going and want to look out for me. Name  Emma Blog   Bubbablue and me Twitter ID  @etusty Height  The OH says I have duck disease, being short to the ground (cheeky given he’s only 6ft), but I’m an average 5ft 5 Hair  Mid brown, although it needs… Continue Reading “I’m going to Britmums Live 2015”

Blog sponsorship opportunity – Britmums Live 2015

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It’s a new year, and the time of year when everyone including bloggers, think about their plans and goals for the next year.  A big part of growing a blog is being part of a the blogging community and learning from others.  And that means, blog conferences and masterclasses. One of the biggest conferences is Britmums Live, and after a successful and enjoyable one last year, where Water Babies sponsored me to attend, I had booked my ticket straight afterwards… Continue Reading “Blog sponsorship opportunity – Britmums Live 2015”

2014 blog round up

blog round up 2014 - bubbablue andme

This year I tried to work on my blog a bit more.  Ok, a lot more in terms of time spent.  There’s still a lot to do on it, and I’ve got some sorting out of my theme to go, but my blog’s grown and improved over the last year. 2014 saw my blog have: 1. New look, new theme. Thanks to Ellie all at Sea, I have a smart header, blog badge and presence.  I also chose a new… Continue Reading “2014 blog round up”

Britmums Live 2014 – friendly, informative and fun

blogger britmums badge

Well, I tried to get my title to be all f’s, but informative will have to suffice.  Last weekend was Britmums Live 2014, and this year I made it to the whole lot.  I had a sponsor this year, the fabulous Water Babies, so many thanks to them. While other bloggers were planning what they were going to be wearing, organising meals and ‘stalking’ who they wanted to meet up with (ok, I did do a bit of the latter… Continue Reading “Britmums Live 2014 – friendly, informative and fun”

Why I Blog: An Introduction … and … A Reminder to Myself to Keep at It

Francesca writes here blog badge

G’day UK! I’m Francesca and the lovely Emma has allowed me to pop over for a visit here on her blog as part of International Blog Swap Day, a joint initiative of Tots100 (UK) and Digital Parents (Aus). I’ve never been to the UK, so this is a nice way for me to travel vicariously through my blog! I’m an Australian married mum of three daughters, aged 7, 4 and 2. I’m in my thirties, work part-time in a corporate… Continue Reading “Why I Blog: An Introduction … and … A Reminder to Myself to Keep at It”

What’s Blog Camp all about?

blog camp tips

You may have seen the tweets flying about last weekend, and noticed the posts that have subsequently been appearing on blogs.  But if not, Saturday was Blog Camp in Birmingham.  This was my first Blog Camp, and I was lucky to get on the list as I missed the original email releasing tickets, so was really pleased to get the chance to go.  Blog Camp is free event run by those behind Tots100, with this day kindly sponsored by Talk… Continue Reading “What’s Blog Camp all about?”