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2014 blog round up

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blog round up 2014 - bubbablue andme

This year I tried to work on my blog a bit more.  Ok, a lot more in terms of time spent.  There’s still a lot to do on it, and I’ve got some sorting out of my theme to go, but my blog’s grown and improved over the last year. 2014 saw my blog have: […] Read more…


What’s Blog Camp all about?

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blog camp tips

You may have seen the tweets flying about last weekend, and noticed the posts that have subsequently been appearing on blogs.  But if not, Saturday was Blog Camp in Birmingham.  This was my first Blog Camp, and I was lucky to get on the list as I missed the original email releasing tickets, so was […] Read more…


Broadband issues

| Odds and sods

Serious issues going on at the moment with my home broadband connection to my laptop, and phone isn’t playing ball either, so day 4 no access, and engineers coming out tomorrow means there’s going to be a serious shortage of new posts coming out this week. Feel free to look back in the archives! And […] Read more…

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Listography: tips for bloggers

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I’ve not been blogging for very long but as Kate says when setting the theme for this time’s listography, there’s tips that are useful from any level of blogger.  So here’re my tips: 1. Write because you want to.  Have a reason – it may evolve and change, but as long as you’re writing and […] Read more…


Published blog

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Whoop, another tick (kind of, but I’m claiming it) on my Day Zero list.  One point was get a letter published (thinking of a magazine or newspaper).  But thanks to my advertising my jewellery website in our NCT sale goody bags, I was asked if my review of volunteering at the sale could be included in […] Read more…

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