Cornbury Music Festival with Dorset Cereals – day festival tips

Cornbury music festival day tips - Bubbablue and me

The last (and only) time I went to a music festival was 3 years ago at Cornbury.  This year, we were invited by Dorset Cereals back to Cornbury Music Festival for the last hurrah. Yes, unfortunately, the Cornbury Festival has played its final songs, and we’ll be sad to see it go.  Dorset Cereals were providing their breakfast takeover in the campsite over the weekend, so we headed along to meet them and enjoy the festival. Day trippers only Living… Continue Reading “Cornbury Music Festival with Dorset Cereals – day festival tips”

Planning food for camping

Camping food ideas - Bubbablue and me

We love going camping with friends, but our camping food experiences have been very different. The first year we were keen and eager, grouping together to buy ingredients and then cook for everyone, with people taking the lead each evening. But it always seemed to be the same people doing the work, and cooking for up to 16 kids and then another 8-10 adults was manic. (Post contains affiliate links) So the second year we either sorted out own by… Continue Reading “Planning food for camping”

Camping essentials you wouldn’t always expect

the unusual camping essentials you sholdn't forget to pack - Bubbablue and me

I’m a big list person.  Without them I’d forgot a lot, so going on holiday definitely needs a list.  But going camping for the first time in years, I was initially a bit stumped on what equipment I’d need. Beforehand, I asked around work colleagues who were camping fans, and had a search online.  Tents were a nightmare to choose because there were so many, and all the reviews were different.  There weren’t that many helpful guides on what you… Continue Reading “Camping essentials you wouldn’t always expect”

How to choose a tent for family camping

How to choose the perfect tent for a family camping trip - Bubbablue and me

Now Spring has arrived, we’re thinking forward to camping again.  Our camping trip with friends is booked, although some are dragging their heels about getting organised and actually booking.  People are also indecisive whether husbands are going too.  Secretly I’m hoping that we have rainy weather in the run up and then beautiful weather from the day before we go and during our break. Because then the farmers will all need to harvest and won’t be able to come.  Evil,… Continue Reading “How to choose a tent for family camping”

How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution

How camping is the perfect family outdoor fun solution - Bubbablue and me

Apart from being ill at the 2 guide camps I went to as a child, I’ve always been keen on camping. But my camping experiences have never been with family. It’s either been with the guides, with Woodcraft folk (where we got flooded out in Barmouth), or with friends after uni (including a very cold February in Snowdonia – never again). Oh I suppose camping out every summer in the back garden with my brother counts as family camping? After… Continue Reading “How camping is the perfect summer family fun solution”

Living Arrows 2016 week 30 – happy camper

Happy camper - smile Living Arrows 30

This week’s I’ve been incommunicado with the blog. As usual, I had plans to get lots of posts drafted and scheduled to publish, but of course our camping trip came around way too quickly. The promised wifi at the (very expensive compared with last year) campsite turned out to be paid for (similarly very expensive), so I wasn’t able to post last week’s Living Arrows until I returned. And my other 2 posts I was going to quickly write up… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 30 – happy camper”

Camping preparations second time round

camping preparations - Bubbablue and me

We might only have our once a year camping trip, but it creates great excitement. Mainly because we’re going with friends again – I know the OH would never get that excited about a holiday. Back in February, N and I went to the camping and caravanning show to get a tent upgrade. One new tent and five months later, it’s been unpacked from its box to make the most of a warm dry spell to practise pitching it. Camping… Continue Reading “Camping preparations second time round”

Caravan camping and motorhome show – the visit

Buying tents at the caravan camping and motorhome show Bubbablue and me

After our first friends camping trip last summer, we’re booked to go again this year.  I did a lot of research into buying a tent and opted for a Vango 4 man tent.  It was easy to put up even on my own, but there were a few things I wanted to change prior to another camping trip.  So that one needs to be sold on, and I wanted to upgrade to a taller, probably bigger one with a porch/door… Continue Reading “Caravan camping and motorhome show – the visit”

My Sunday Photo – star gazing

stargazing bubble tent

Last weekend we went to the Caravanning and camping show, and were blown away by some of the tents. This bubble one caught my eye.  It’s used for star gazing and I have to say that while I’m not sure about sitting in a bubble tent and being observed by everyone wandering past. it’s got a great view of the sky. Have you ever come across more unusual tents?

Tips for booking a campsite that’s perfect for you

Tips on booking the perfect campsite for you and simple holiday preparations - Bubbablue and me

After last year’s successful camping trip with mum friends from school and our farming group, we were all champing at the bit to book another trip this year.  For most of us it was a first time camping with the children, and even though the 1 or 2 days of rain wasn’t the most fun we had, the children had such a wonderful time (as did the mums) that it was a nobrainer to go again as a group. Of… Continue Reading “Tips for booking a campsite that’s perfect for you”