How long does it take to learn to swim

I’ve said many times that I’ve despaired over N’s swimming. He’s been having lessons since he was 3 months old, so nearly 6 years later he should really be able to swim reasonable well by now.  But he still can’t swim on his back without a float aid, and even on his front it’s hard going. With a float belt (at the minimal level) he’s great. He’s fast with a float, his legs are strong, and he does everything he… Continue Reading “How long does it take to learn to swim”

Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy

The friendship rules of a 6 year old - Bubbablue and me

Boys are a law unto themselves.  N definitely knows his own mind and he’s gone through life so far, being easy going. So easy going about everything including friends. I find watching him develop and his friendships change really interesting. I so should have been an anthropologist watching people!  He’s always got on well with people.  Probably because he’s pretty even tempered, adapts pretty well and is usually happy to be led. I despaired in the past, because I worried… Continue Reading “Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy”

When a nice child becomes a nasty child

When nice children turn into nasty children - Bubbablue and me

After having nearly 6 years of a lovely little boy, N is going through a nasty phase. I don’t think he realises he’s doing it, and from talking to people it sounds like lots of children go through it. But it’s really sad to be on the receiving end of some of the things he says.  It’s strange having his personality transplant moving from nice child to nasty child. We’ve had it lucky so far with him. He’s generally been… Continue Reading “When a nice child becomes a nasty child”

How to deal with a death of an animal with kids


There’s been a lot of dying on N’s mind at the moment. From discussions about the war in Syria (anyone got any tips on how to talk to 5 year olds about it, feel free to let me know), to closer to home and animals on the farm. The first was when I arrived home from my 40th weekend away, to see N upset and cuddling Granny at the farmhouse. Their dog had had to be put down that morning,… Continue Reading “How to deal with a death of an animal with kids”

Joining the tennis club and a clingy child

joining a tennis club - Bubbablue and me

Ever since first playing tennis at school last year N has enjoyed the game. They have an external coach from a local club come in and do junior lessons for them, and after playing in the summer term, N was given a referral letter to play at the club. Tennis was my sport at school (before squash took over at uni and afterwards), so I’m pleased that he enjoys it so much. For a 5 year old, and thinking about… Continue Reading “Joining the tennis club and a clingy child”

A child led evening of learning

chilling out on his Eurohike camping chair

Sometimes N really surprises me. But I’m glad he does. I’m always saying how I wish he’d be more eager to do his reading and to do some writing other than when teachers encourage him. I’m hoping Year 1 will be his epiphany and he’ll all of a sudden get excited by it. At the moment he’s just glad he’s staying down because he was saying the other day how it was sad that the Year 1s going up won’t… Continue Reading “A child led evening of learning”

Kiss the girls – pretty ones only

innocent eyes of a boy

It’s started. N’s 5 years old and he’s already kissed a girl. I was surprised to say the least, but then I remember back to my first school days and a 5 year old called Brian who kissed me during story time. So maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. Especially as N is a really huggy and kissy child. Although usually only with family. Last week I arrived at nursery to pick him up from after school club to them… Continue Reading “Kiss the girls – pretty ones only”

Shoe laces – a big mistake

Learning to cope with shoe laces - Bubbablue and me

N’s feet have finally grown.  His school shoes still fit ok but he needed new trainers which are always harder to buy.  His insteps aren’t particularly high, he’s an F fitting, but velcro fastenings never seem long enough on trainers for some reason. So we headed off to Brantano to find some trainers in the hope they’d have enough choice there and which weren’t ridiculously priced given they’ll get wrecked fairly quickly.  They confirmed his feet had grown, only 1/2… Continue Reading “Shoe laces – a big mistake”

Children’s BMI checks – should kids have them annually?

Children's bmi checks - should they be done annually

This week there’s been a new report out and lots of media discussion around children and obesity, with the report recommending children’s BMI checks annually.  This all ties in with discussions on sugar tax recommendations – in particular on sugary and fizzy drinks (I wonder if orange juice is included in these talks despite it being natural sugar and having nutritional benefits). I’m of mixed view on the matter.  Overall I think there probably is something that needs to be… Continue Reading “Children’s BMI checks – should kids have them annually?”

Things I want to train my son to do

Every parent wants to bring their children up to be the best that they can.  Kind, caring, respectful, hard working, fun loving, fair and more. But I think being a mum (especially if you have a husband or partner who doesn’t help much with  house or childcare), there are differences in what you want to teach your son compared with what their dad would say. In our house, the OH would probably say that he wants to just teach him… Continue Reading “Things I want to train my son to do”