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What to take in a nursery bag

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Mummy gets my bag ready for nursery the night before, but I like to include my own things just as we’re walking out of the door.  Anything to cause hassle and panic is great fun, although there is the danger of getting shouted at. The things mummy says we need to include are: Change of […] Read more…


Babysitting circles

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So, babysitting circles. Does anyone still have them in their area? What are they, I hear you ask? When we were kids, we lived on a commuter village housing estate full of families with school age children. It was a really friendly place to live, everyone seemed to know everyone else and there were lots […] Read more…


It’s all change round here with childcare

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Now the summer holidays have hit, it means N’s childcare is changing. He used to do two days a week being looked after by my sister-in-law, which he and his cousin thought was brilliant.  Plus it meant being only round the corner, his dad could have coffee there and the kids also sometimes got taken […] Read more…


Childcare blocks

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I find it insane the way red-tape often stops something worthwhile happening, that is something that is going to impact the community positively.  And ultimately could help business and economics.  Politicians have been agreeing to increase staff to child ratios for younger children in the hope of reducing the cost of childcare and making staff […] Read more…

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Childcare Gurus

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The BBC magazine website yesterday had an article about six childcare gurus who changed parenting.  It was an interesting read, and although I hadn’t heard of the earlier people (pre-Penelope Leach), I’d heard of the ideas behind some earlier parenting in comparison to those more latterly. Nowadays, where there’s so much more talk around child-led […] Read more…


New job

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After finishing my last job, I had the luxury of some time off job hunting.  Toss up between big commute again (lots of available great jobs, mostly further than previously) and trying to find something closer to home (unlikely in my current industry). And of course having a child is what puts the spanner in […] Read more…

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