Snow and Tell at the Story Museum Oxford

christmas present filled red phone box

Over the Christmas period I wanted to take N to the pantomime, but couldn’t get a matinee ticket as they were all sold out.  So I looked around for somewhere else similar to take him. Someone mentioned the Story Museum in Oxford and I saw they had Snow and Tell sessions over the Christmas holidays. With tickets booked and received, we made our way to Oxford.  N had told me he didn’t want to go, so I had to tell… Continue Reading “Snow and Tell at the Story Museum Oxford”

The alternative 12 days of Christmas

alternative 12 days of christmas - Bubbablue and me

I didn’t know how I wanted to cover our Christmas on the blog.  I kept making notes, and think they’d be separate blog posts, but then I realised that I’m never going to get round to writing 6 Christmas posts.  So instead I bring you the alternative 12 days of Christmas.  I might do a photo post separately, although I don’t think I took many photos of the actual day (shame the OH hates me snapping photos all the time).… Continue Reading “The alternative 12 days of Christmas”

Classic and crazy cars at the Heritage Motor Centre

Visiting the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon

Although it’s less than 10 miles away from us, I’ve not been to the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon for years.  In fact, the only time I’ve been was for work meetings and conferences, and even those I’m talking about 8-10 years ago.  I hadn’t been too sure whether it would be too old for N, but after hearing how a couple of others with young children got on there, I decided it would be worth a chance. We decided… Continue Reading “Classic and crazy cars at the Heritage Motor Centre”

Christmas traditions – dos and donts of Christmas gift wrapping

Dos and don'ts of Christmas gift wrapping

I love Christmas although we do tend to wait to put up decorations, mostly because the OH would rather it went up on Christmas Eve.  But I do as much of my Christmas shopping as early as possible. I tend to make lists of presents I want to get and have bought – we have 5 nephews and 1 niece, although for their parents I usually make a foodie gift, my brother, and in laws. I also buy for a… Continue Reading “Christmas traditions – dos and donts of Christmas gift wrapping”

Project 365: photo a day week 51

plucking turkeys

It’s the penultimate week of Project 365, and I’m astounded I’ve pretty much made it (assuming I can remember to take a photo each day next week!).  The only thing with taking all these photos (and I take – mostly – a lot of photos, at least when we go out, not just the one for this project) is sorting them all out.  I started sorting ones of N by week and year, but I do wonder if it would… Continue Reading “Project 365: photo a day week 51″

Visiting Santa’s Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure world

guinea pigs christmas tree at hatton

We’ve now visited Father Christmas at two different grottos this season, and I’ve definitely learnt that one is probably fine per year.  Plus, I’ve learnt that I can’t rely on me taking photos of N with Father Christmas.  There’s always one of them blurry because N 1) won’t stand close enough to Father Christmas to get in frame and 2) him refusing to let go of my hand doesn’t help said photo attempts.  In future I’m thinking the Father Christmas… Continue Reading “Visiting Santa’s Enchanted Christmas Kingdom at Hatton Adventure world”

Living Arrows 50 – turkey picking

turkey picking colour

I really wanted to get photos this year of N sat amongst the men working, plucking the turkeys, but I was told to get out and close the door to the wind.  So I had to stick my camera lens through the gap in between the door and the mesh.  Hence the not brilliant photos.  But I still love how happy N looks being with his dad at work on the farm.

Music Exploration with Children 9 – It’s Christmas

playing cds

This month has unsurprisingly been all about the Christmas music, although there’s been a bit of CD swapping going on by N.  He loves my old kitchen cd player, and he finds random cds in the kitchen drawer and plays them…usually only the first track which really winds me up. I was hoping to get N to the various children’s cushion concerts again before the end of the year, but in the run up to Christmas the dates clashed, and… Continue Reading “Music Exploration with Children 9 – It’s Christmas”