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What to do with unwanted gifts

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free photo of a gift

We all have them.  However many hints you drop, or wish lists you provide, there’s always an unwanted gift or two amongst a households Christmas presents.  Unless of course, you’re the type of person who’s grateful for a miles too small crocheted mini dress, character night dresses or the bath toiletries when you’ve preferred showers […]


How to pimp your candles – glitter, paint or otherwise

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I’m not really a big candles fan – well, they look pretty, but we don’t really have anywhere to put them in our house, and I don’t burn them so they’re kind of pointless on the whole – but I’ve been meaning for a while to try decorating some plain candles. With it coming up […]

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Visiting Father Christmas – do we stay or do we go?

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Last year, our Grotto visit went the worst it could possibly be.  At a local festive fayre, N basically cried throughout the visit, although obviously he was still quite young (very sad for the poor Father Christmas, who was actually a friend of the family!). So this year, I made the executive decision that we […]

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These are a few of my favourite things at Christmas – Center Parcs competition

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christmas tree baubles

I love Christmas, although this year is going to be very different as it’ll be the first one ever (amazing when I’m nearer 40 than 30!) that my brother and I will spend without our mum.  Hopefully we’ll still have a good, although different, day. With there being 12 days of Christmas, it’s quite apt […]

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Christmas bargains…and when to stop

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I’m a big fan of Christmas and love trying to find great presents.  Well, I love spotting great gift ideas, and thinking of who would suit that present, but it can get quite worrying when you’re running out of time and ideas. N’s really easy to buy for at the moment though, as it’s pretty […]


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