Easter Egg hunt at Upton House

Easter egg hunt at Upton House- Bubbablue and me

It’s been a while since I’ve been to our nearby National Trust property, Upton House. And a few years since I took N for a Cadbury easter egg hunt there. The first time we took N’s youngest cousin with us, and this time we invited him along too.  At 8 he’s still willing to look for Easter eggs, and he and N always love being out and about together. With my family membership I could get the nephew in too,… Continue Reading “Easter Egg hunt at Upton House”

An unplanned playground visit for Mother’s Day

We seem to be getting to know parks near us really well.  N loves them, and is putting his foot down about simply going to the park rather than to somewhere with more to see and do.  For Mother’s Day, I’d suggested we go to Blenheim – no.  Then somewhere in Stratford – no.  But the park in Stratford upon Avon was requested instead. With a promise of lunch out and an ice cream, N was in agreement that he… Continue Reading “An unplanned playground visit for Mother’s Day”

The Snowman and Nutcracker concert at Coventry Cathedral

The snowman and nutcracker concert at Coventry Cathedral - Bubbablue and me

I’ve never been to Coventry Cathedral but recently we combined our love of music with Christmas and headed off there for The Snowman Tour concert. I’d seen it advertised a while back, and as N loves the Snowman and quite enjoyed the Paddington concert last year, I booked for us to go. I’d planned for it to be a good festive treat with us spending the afternoon in Coventry. I’d hoped to check out the transport museum that I’d been… Continue Reading “The Snowman and Nutcracker concert at Coventry Cathedral”

Paddling pool and scooter fun in Stratford-upon-Avon

scooting and paddling pool fun in Stratford upon avon

Despite us only having weekends to really do many activities, I feel like we managed to cram in a lot over the holidays.  Sometimes free is best, and perfectly suitable for young children. N loves going to the park, and with no splash parks or good parks in town, we quite often head to Stratford-upon-Avon for an early morning play and relax.  We usually pop N’s bike or scooter in the boot too, so there’s plenty we can do at… Continue Reading “Paddling pool and scooter fun in Stratford-upon-Avon”

Igniting an interest in cycling for children

Igniting an interest in cycling for children - Bubbablue and me

I’ve written so many times about N’s love of cycling and his bike, but recently that interest in cycling was brought alive by a last minute email from our neighbour about the Women’s Tour of Britain race. I’m usually quite up on what’s going on in and around our area, and book in visits and events in the calendar well in advance.  But sporting events seem to pass me by.  Being in a lovely rural area, complete with lots of… Continue Reading “Igniting an interest in cycling for children”

Monkey fun at Twycross Zoo

day trip to Twycross zoo - Bubbablue and me

At the end of the Easter holidays I wanted us to go on a nice day trip to finish off the break.  N wasn’t keen to leave the farm, but I suggested a couple of options and Twycross Zoo made the grade in his eyes.  We’re lucky where we live because we’re able to get to a lot of places within an hour.  Early on a Saturday morning, we had no traffic issues round Birmingham getting to Twycross. Although it… Continue Reading “Monkey fun at Twycross Zoo”

A blustery walk at Burton Dassett country park

walking at Burton Dassett Country Park - Bubbablue and me

On new year’s eve, despite the wind and rain we did manage to get out for some fresh air.  I’d aborted going to Burton Dassett Country Park one day because it was really windy, but the next it wasn’t quite as windy so we decided we’d head out for a walk. Luckily we didn’t take the kites, I think we’d have taken off if the kites hadn’t snapped.  It was so windy there.  We snuggled up in hats and coats… Continue Reading “A blustery walk at Burton Dassett country park”

Christmas at Warwick Arts Centre – Gruffalo’s Child and The Lost Gift

Warwick Arts Centre Christmas - Lost Gift and Gruffalo's Child with lantern ceiling

I’ve refound my love of Warwick Arts Centre.  It’s only 25 minutes drive from us and it has so many great theatre shows, concerts and exhibitions, we really should make more use of it.  We saw Paddington Bear’s First Concert a few months ago, and around the same time I booked for both of their family Christmas shows. The first one, The Lost Gift was a spontaneous decision and I didn’t really know much about it.  But given we would… Continue Reading “Christmas at Warwick Arts Centre – Gruffalo’s Child and The Lost Gift”

The elegant combination of a baby shower and afternoon tea

afternoon tea at mallory court food - Bubbablueandme

When I was pregnant with N, baby showers weren’t really that prolific in the UK, although a pregnant colleague and I did have a ‘baby shower’ afternoon tea goodbye with our team. I’ve never really been one to automatically think of going for afternoon tea either (I don’t drink tea, so I guess the name might be a bit of a forgetful thing), but when my NCT friends started having 2nd and 3rd babies, we’ve got into the habit of… Continue Reading “The elegant combination of a baby shower and afternoon tea”

Paddington’s First Concert with City of London Sinfonia

double bass at rest at the Paddington's First concert

I love to go to the theatre and concerts but haven’t been to many since having N.  I’ve been aiming to get him to appreciate and enjoy music (other than AC DC which still seems to be his first love, now extending to the Foo Fighters), and when I was looking for Christmas events I spotted the Paddington Concert that was at Warwick Arts Centre, brought to Warwick by the City of London Sinfonia. I always forget about Warwick Arts… Continue Reading “Paddington’s First Concert with City of London Sinfonia”