When to believe your toddler when he says he’s poorly

N tells a lot of porkies.  Well, I believe he tells a lot of white lies.  Predominantly unintentional, because he is a toddler and he likes stories and repeating what he hears.  The problem is that the timescales might be a bit out. Also, you never know quite when he’s accurate in what he’s telling you.  But I’ve learnt that now he’s only a couple of months off being 3, I really should believe him a bit more when he… Continue Reading “When to believe your toddler when he says he’s poorly”

Trendy Toddler

I love little clothes (ok so I like shopping, but even if you take that away, little clothes are cute). Lots of people say that girls clothes are so much more interesting (and I have to say I’ve seen some gorgeous dresses, but let’s face it, how practical are they once they’re crawling, walking and exploring).  Boy clothes can be a bit samey, and when I look at them drying on the clothes horse I’d have to agree that colourwise,… Continue Reading “Trendy Toddler”