School days – Learner of the week

Thoughtful boy

The first week back after half term and it’s been full pelt. N’s been staying up later than normal so we’ve had less school based conversations before bed. He’s mostly had a lot of questions about the older children’s school trip where they’ve been away for the week. Learner of the week and VIP As usual, the reason for N’s VIP sticker this week was a bit of a mystery.  He was awarded it by the PGCE teacher in his… Continue Reading “School days – Learner of the week”

Ultimate tips to encourage imagination for kids to write

Encourage imagination in kids for writing - Bubbablue and me (1)

When I was a child I always struggled with my lack of imagination. I read lots but if I was tasked with writing a poem or story and I would find it really hard. I’d clam up and not know how to start.  My teachers never really helped with how to improve. I just always thought I had no imagination. But now N says the same thing that I used to feel.  He’s got the actual writing part sorted he… Continue Reading “Ultimate tips to encourage imagination for kids to write”

School Days – half term run up

after school brushing and sweeping up outside

It feels like we’ve only just had the Easter holidays, but we’re already broken up for half term. Only another 6 ish weeks and it’ll be the summer holidays, and we’ll be off camping again.  Only another few weeks for N to be in year 1! Supply teachers This week N’s class 2 teacher was on a course for a couple of days, so they had a supply teacher in. According to N, Mrs W was very strict but nice… Continue Reading “School Days – half term run up”

School days – reading, singing and forgetting names

My Sunday Photo - shooting arrows

This week’s School Days post is a day later than normal thanks to a killer headache yesterday which wiped me out for the day.  Last week was one of those school weeks where plenty was good, but there were also a few irritations. I’ve found as the year’s gone by my annoyances have increased, mostly to do with N still being stuck down with Class 1 and them still not having been moved up.  Now I’ve pretty much given up… Continue Reading “School days – reading, singing and forgetting names”

School Days – VIP and fractions

speedy maths homework

Unbelievably soon it seems, but we’re counting down to half term.  This week’s been fairly quiet at school, probably helped by it being SATs week for the year 6s so the rest of the school has probably been shushed quite a lot. Lack of imagination I’ve always said I’m not a creative person. At primary school I remember we had to write our own books, and I basically plagiarised much of one of my own favourite stories at home then… Continue Reading “School Days – VIP and fractions”

Learning basic maths in Key Stage 1 – maths printables

Key stage 1 maths and printables - Bubbablue and me

N does enjoy school, although he would prefer to be at ‘farming school’ with his dad. Reading and writing are the areas he has to work at more although he is coming round to it. He’s a much more practical learner, so maths is much more his thing with the more experimental and practical learning they do. I’m really pleased he’s found something at school that he finds quite easy, so hopefully once things get harder in year 2 he’ll… Continue Reading “Learning basic maths in Key Stage 1 – maths printables”

School Days – class assembly and wellygate

excitement getting home with the dog

Another week on, and it’s another School Days post.  This week has been pretty much full of assembly talk and not a lot of work as far as I can tell. Or maybe N just locks that bit out of his memory! Class assembly I think N really enjoyed the class assembly.  The whole lot, the rehearsals, the run up and the actual performance. The 7 year 1s had 3 lines each, and some ‘acting out’ parts when a story… Continue Reading “School Days – class assembly and wellygate”

School Days – bouncing and a fire engine

pulling faces

It was the first week back at school for us after Easter.  It whizzed by as life tends to do, and was pretty quiet.  N’s talking less about school now – there’s lots of don’t remembers and a few random things then get mentioned.  Hopefully he’ll get a bit more forthcoming again as the term goes on. New topic – jumping and bouncing N had mixed feelings about their new topic for the term.  It seems there was a vote… Continue Reading “School Days – bouncing and a fire engine”

School Days – run up to Easter

DAisy the cow egg for the school run.

Whoop, it’s the Easter holidays – for N at least. I’ve got another week of work before I’m off.  So this will be the last School Days post for a couple of weeks. Reading books I think N’s getting bored of the books at this level. He still could do with some practice on them – it’s hard to get him to reread books.  But I did catch him reading the David Walliams World Book Day book. I’d say that’s… Continue Reading “School Days – run up to Easter”

School Days – Easter service and baptism

easter chick headdress after school easter service

It’s Sunday again, and it’s come around to the weekly School Days post. I know I found it really useful reading about slightly older children and what they got up to before N started school.  Hopefully others reading continue to find it interesting and helpful to see how different schools do things and what to expect when our children start school. Fundamentals Since half term N was asking to start going to a new after school club.  Our school offers… Continue Reading “School Days – Easter service and baptism”