What love is…when you have children

Love is...settig them free - Bubbablue and me

When I was a girl, one of the chores we had to do was the drying up on a Sunday.  Of course it was drying up minus dishwashers.  We always fought over the best tea towels and one of my favourites was the Love Is…cartoon strip one. It was a cartoon of a little couple and a range of lines that showed what love is.  It was started in the 1960s by New Zealander Kim Casali as little notes to… Continue Reading “What love is…when you have children”

Project 365 2017 week 1 – a new year

new years day farming play with friends

Happy new year, and welcoming to the new year of Project 365.  If you’re new it, it’s a photo a day for a year (or 4 years in my case).  I can’t believe I’ve managed it all that time, but I love to see what we get up to over the weeks, and it’s a great chance to take different photos and share them.  You can join in on your blog or if you don’t have one via instagram using… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 1 – a new year”

Explaining no trick or treating


Halloween is always interesting to explain to children. Especially once there’s the peer pressure from school to go trick or treating. In the past N has had some kind of costume to go to nursery in. Although he’s not really into dressing up so it had mostly just been a pumpkin t shirt or Dracula cape. And the last few years we have carved or decorated pumpkins. But that’s mainly for the excitement of picking our own, or getting creative.… Continue Reading “Explaining no trick or treating”

Our family calendar system and plus other ideas

our family calendar system - Bubbablue and me

You’d think being a project manager in my current job would mean I have a perfect home organisation calendar system in place. Prior to having N, I only needed a paper diary and a wall calendar, and I never missed anything…birthday, anniversaries, events etc. But since having him, I find I need more than one thing to keep on top of things. Even so, I still forget birthdays. Mostly because I remember a couple of days before, mean to write… Continue Reading “Our family calendar system and plus other ideas”

That moment when things click

that moment when things click

Sometimes I do despair with N and school work. Just everything seems so hard in getting him to do things. I do wonder what he’s like at school, whether they have the same battles. Or whether he’ll happily sit down and do it there because it’s school. But it does seem that only 4 weeks in to year 1, we’ve reached the moment when things click. Reading His reading last year was painful. He didn’t seem to remember words, he didn’t… Continue Reading “That moment when things click”

Family life and doing the school run

Everyone agrees that dads have an important part to play in children’s lives. Of course, life doesn’t always happen like that and there may not be male role models in the family unit. My own dad died when I was 3 and our mum never met someone else, but I’d say both my brother and I ended up ok thanks to our mum’s strength and independence. As well as her trying to bring us up in the way that she… Continue Reading “Family life and doing the school run”

7 outdoor family fun ideas to get down with the kids

7 outdoor family fun activities - Bubbablue and me

Living on a farm meant there wasn’t much chance that N wouldn’t love the outdoors. He’d play outside all day given half a chance. I on the other hand, as so many other adults do, put off going out because of everything else that gets in the way. Of course it wasn’t always like that, I used to enjoy as much as any other children playing outside. In fact, our childhood house overlooked a green and all the kids from… Continue Reading “7 outdoor family fun ideas to get down with the kids”

Project 366 2016 week 23 – flowers

bee on cloves

I’m just a little behind this week.  My laptop’s on go slow and it’s really struggling to do anything at speed.  So I spent the weekend frantically backing up every single photo, document, video, and music download before I will delete all the old stuff off my laptop, defrag and hope that it speeds up again.  Otherwise I’ll be looking for a new laptop which is a decision I always hate making. Onto week 23 (I think) of Project 366.… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 23 – flowers”

My Sunday Photo – silaging

My Sunday photo - waiting and watching the sileaging

It’s silaging time on the farm this week which means late evenings working.  And evenings after school standing and watching the tractors driving in and out of the silage pit, unloading and driving out again while the grass is scooped up and compacted. N loves watching it, and I have to admit I quite like seeing the hustle and bustle too, of them trying to beat the rain.

Creating a normal family life

living a normal family life on the farm - Bubbablue and me

Before we decided to try for a baby, our life probably looked quite odd from the outside. Having a farmer husband didn’t really change my independence and life much because he worked all hours of the day during the summer and in the winter was off long days shooting in some winter months.  So I would dance 3 to 4 nights a week, work as normal, and then at weekends when he was working I’d catch up with friends, shop, see… Continue Reading “Creating a normal family life”