Cotswold Wildlife park rough and tumble with friends

Cotswold Wildlife Park zebras - Bubbablue and me

April has to be one of the best months. It’s the start of (hopefully) more consistently good weather, and this weekend was certainly a great start to the month.  With 20C both days, we were lucky in that we’d already agreed to meet up with friends and go out for the day. So it was lining up to be a great day outdoors.  Picnics at the ready, we picked them up and headed off to an old favourite Cotswold Wildlife… Continue Reading “Cotswold Wildlife park rough and tumble with friends”

What makes a successful playdate

How to have successful playdates - Bubbablue and me

I have to admit we don’t do many playdates. Mainly because I work, so N goes to after school club. And in the holidays is at holiday club or working with the OH would just wouldn’t ‘do’ playdates. He just refuses to take N places. So he just doesn’t get asked by children in the class. Mostly the playdates he has are via his friends who have mums I’m friends with.  His playdates usually become ‘our’ playdates and turn into… Continue Reading “What makes a successful playdate”

Friends together at National Trust Stowe Gardens

making friends at Stowe Gardens - Bubbablue and me

It always seems like an effort to get out for a walk at home. It’s a lot easier if I have to get out and go for a purposeful trip out.  Mary from Over 40 and a mum to one and I had arranged to meet up with our boys at Stowe Gardens.  Luckily the day was dry and mild although foggy.  So the usual reflective lake wasn’t showing its true beauty. Monkey and N have only met fleetingly once… Continue Reading “Friends together at National Trust Stowe Gardens”

Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy

The friendship rules of a 6 year old - Bubbablue and me

Boys are a law unto themselves.  N definitely knows his own mind and he’s gone through life so far, being easy going. So easy going about everything including friends. I find watching him develop and his friendships change really interesting. I so should have been an anthropologist watching people!  He’s always got on well with people.  Probably because he’s pretty even tempered, adapts pretty well and is usually happy to be led. I despaired in the past, because I worried… Continue Reading “Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy”

School Days – hockey and playground friends

drinking hot chocolate after school

It was N’s birthday run up this week and at the end of the week he came down with the start of a cold. It didn’t seem to impact his school efforts, but he was quite tired. More so than usual (never helped by his early morning exploits, and when he’s not 100%, his midnight wanderings into bed with me). Here’s this week’s school days. Hockey N’s school might be small, but they make the most of bringing in outside… Continue Reading “School Days – hockey and playground friends”

A London trip from 18 Stafford Terrace to Sky Garden


On my recent weekend to London we visited some totally different places to normal. And a couple of extremes. From the discovery of 18 Stafford Terrace, to the light and airiness of Sky Garden. When we were doing our weekend planning, I was looking for things to see that were a little out of the norm, and came across Stafford Terrace. 18 Stafford Terrace We visited 18 Stafford Terrace on Sunday afternoon. It only opens a couple of days a… Continue Reading “A London trip from 18 Stafford Terrace to Sky Garden”

One best friend – how often do you talk to yours?

leapfrogging the posts at Conkers

Best friends. They’re something that lots of us have. People who others wish to have. And they can change over time. I know I’ve had a few over the years, mostly through school years where friendships change seemingly every year. Fleetingly the girl next door, where on us moving in, we chatted through the gate. Then a girl up the road who I used to make up role play games to play in the playground with a horse named Granary… Continue Reading “One best friend – how often do you talk to yours?”

Turning 40 and friendships

40th birthday sign

Birthdays. Lots of people are scared of them. Children love them. And I’m on the fence. It’s scary how fast time flies, but I do get excited about having a birthday. It’s a chance to celebrate, to feel a bit special, and to get friends together. Friends I don’t often see due to location, children and life. The rest of my birthday is just a normal day, and it was this year. Despite it being a big birthday and falling… Continue Reading “Turning 40 and friendships”

Catching up with friends in Manchester

A weekend with friends in Manchester - Bubbablue and me

As I get older I realise that many friendships fall by the wayside. Some it’s no big deal as we grow apart. Some I’m sad about.  Many of the latter is due to working full time, missing out on weekday meet ups, and family time being the priority for others at weekends.  But my best friend from uni is still there throughout. Bizarrely we rarely see or speak to each other throughout the year. We try and meet up 2… Continue Reading “Catching up with friends in Manchester”

Best friends together – ten pin bowling and cycling

first time bowling and cycling with friends Bubbablue and me

It’s such a shame when best friends end up at different schools but in a way does help them find their own way. N had 2 different best friends from his 2 nurseries (not counting his cousin as well).  One is at the same school as him, a lucky appeal, and the two of them are inseparable.  His other best friend S, from his day nursery, he’d not seen since the summer holidays.  I wondered if they’d forget each other,… Continue Reading “Best friends together – ten pin bowling and cycling”