How to simplify your toolkit for easy DIY

All parents will require a comprehensive DIY kit. When you have a child, you find yourself requiring all sorts of tool that you never thought you would need. Whether you are building a bookshelf to keep all their books in, fixing something that got broken or making general adjustments around the house; a DIY kit will enable you to do this. With the rise of the internet, it is now easier than ever to carry out work yourself thanks to… Continue Reading “How to simplify your toolkit for easy DIY”

How to declutter without getting stressed

how to declutter without getting stressed - Bubbablue and me

My OH tells everyone I’m a hoarder. I don’t believe I am, because I do declutter every so often. More often for some items than others admittedly. But I do have a lot of stuff and there’s definitely not enough room for everything despite us living in a large 3 bed house. It’s more noticeable because the OH doesn’t really have anything apart from clothes, a smartphone and tablet, shoes. And a few farming books and magazines. Add in having… Continue Reading “How to declutter without getting stressed”

Creating a normal family life

living a normal family life on the farm - Bubbablue and me

Before we decided to try for a baby, our life probably looked quite odd from the outside. Having a farmer husband didn’t really change my independence and life much because he worked all hours of the day during the summer and in the winter was off long days shooting in some winter months.  So I would dance 3 to 4 nights a week, work as normal, and then at weekends when he was working I’d catch up with friends, shop, see… Continue Reading “Creating a normal family life”

The Konmari method – solving a clutter and organisation problem

from this to this using the konmari method of decluttering and tidying - Bubbablueandme

A few months ago I discovered the Konmari method of organisation and had to buy the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.  I literally blitzed my way through it, in the hope that I’d be motivated to seriously declutter my stuff and ultimately the house. Before I moved in there wasn’t much there – the OH lived in an empty un-lived in house with furniture, some clothes, some kitchenware and that was about it.  Being a… Continue Reading “The Konmari method – solving a clutter and organisation problem”

How to have a successful car boot sale as a seller

successful car boot sale tips

I mentioned the other week that my brother and I had done a car boot sale.  Neither of us had done one for a while, although I do occasionally drop in for a bit of a nosy round in case I spot books or games for N.  But we needed to start clearing out our mum’s house so we don’t get to the end of Summer and just have to store or skip everything. We had an interesting time nosying… Continue Reading “How to have a successful car boot sale as a seller”

It’s eggs-citing – Decorate your own egg cups

decorate egg cups with Sharpies

Ok, so you always see amazing Sharpie crockery ideas on Pinterest and fancy making them. Then if you’re like me, you just have tonnes of pins, and no time to actually make the item.  But in the case of decorating mugs or plates with Sharpies, I was definitely up for trying that. Rather than mugs (because we have lots anyway and we rarely drink hot drinks in the house so they all go unused), I decided that I’d decorate egg… Continue Reading “It’s eggs-citing – Decorate your own egg cups”

A farmhouse kitchen – warm and welcoming

kitchen quote and recipe books

Someone once said “The kitchen is the heart of any home” and that’s certainly true of ours.  I think with farms, that’s generally true across the board…definitely in all the farm houses of my friends and relations I’ve ever visited. At the mother in law’s, it’s where they have their business meetings, invite people to join them for tea, and have even invited the postie in for a cup of tea. Even though it’s the central room of our house,… Continue Reading “A farmhouse kitchen – warm and welcoming”