School Days linky – Robinson Crusoe and spellings

reading books the two bears

Wow, we’re into half term already.  I know many of you aren’t yet, so the #SchoolDays linky will be open for a couple of weeks to capture everyone’s ends of term.  Hopefully those who’re off this week have some nice things planned. This last week of term whizzed by and I think N was surprised by it as well. VIP again Yes, N was VIP again. I think it might have been due to good focused work, but N wasn’t… Continue Reading “School Days linky – Robinson Crusoe and spellings”

Toddler memories and fact retention

Of course we know that toddlers are selective in their memory, conversation and listening.  But it does astound me at how good toddler memories can be. N’s really on the ball with retention of certain facts.  Sometimes he’s rubbish (like when I’m trying to get him to remember numbers or similar things), but for certain tasks I’m always surprised. Directions: He’s really good on remembering routes that we drive.  Even when we don’t go somewhere that regularly, he’ll quite often… Continue Reading “Toddler memories and fact retention”