School Days – post Christmas lull and school disco

paper aeroplane flying

We’re back after the Christmas holidays, and the first ‘week’ of school is over.  I know some aren’t even back yet, so if you’re still enjoying the holidays, I hope the first week back goes well. N seemed happy enough going back to school. When he was asked if he enjoyed school, he even answered yes (before then remembering that maybe he shouldn’t give that away, and saying no!).  I’m really glad he enjoys school, even though he sometimes moans… Continue Reading “School Days – post Christmas lull and school disco”

School Days – the start of year 1


The new school year has started for most people, and N’s done his first week back going into Year 1. He had a really good reception year, the main achievement being that he enjoyed it. When asked N does say he doesn’t like school, but then he tells me he has a good day each day. Thankfully the new school year has started brilliantly. We’re back in the routine quickly, and N’s settled back into school.  I’m still working on… Continue Reading “School Days – the start of year 1”

School days – last week of Foundation stage

Last day of school door pose

N’s school year finished a week ago, but due to our camping trip, I’m behind in writing up that final week’s school days post.  The most important one of the year…although I’m planning to do an overview of the year for him to be able to look back on. It’s been a great year for N at school.  He might not have had the glowing reports that everyone else is sharing all over social media, but apart from his writing,… Continue Reading “School days – last week of Foundation stage”

School Days – parents evening and fun day

getting his gold target award

I’m going to be sad from this time next week, because it’ll be a temporary half to my School Days posts over the summer holidays.  But it’ll be back from September, ready for all those writing about their new school starters. Parents evening This week was the last parents evening of the year.  We’d had his report back the week before, so it was really a run through, a chance to ask questions, and to talk about next year. Year… Continue Reading “School Days – parents evening and fun day”

School Days – a rainy sports day

This week was sports day. After the worry about it from last week, I needn’t have worried – the rest of the week went as smoothly too. Sports day As well as sports day, the school had Sports Week where the children could wear sportswear to school. I assume they would do extra sport, but I couldn’t see where they might have done. It was a bit traumatic (and expensive) at the start of the week, but more of that… Continue Reading “School Days – a rainy sports day”

School Days – class photos and exercises

telling it like it is after school

That’s the penultimate term finished at school, and only the final foundation stage term to go.  I can’t believe that this time last year N was still at nursery.  It seems such a long time ago in terms of his growth and development, but has also whizzed by. This week’s school days was mostly about: School and class photos Yes, the lovely school photo time.  N thought that we’d get them back the day after but I had to explain… Continue Reading “School Days – class photos and exercises”

School Days – open morning and shoe laces

school boy thoughts

We’re rapidly approaching another half term, and racing towards the end of N’s first school year. Eeek.  He’s definitely growing up quickly what with a first tooth falling out and finally having feet that are starting to grow…his feet are so slow to grow compared to what others seem to do – half a size has taken over a year!  I’m expecting a huge growth over the summer although I said that last year so maybe not. Here’s this week’s… Continue Reading “School Days – open morning and shoe laces”

Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year

Music exploration - playing a piano tuning app game

And, again I’m late with our Music Exploration post this month.  Maybe I should change the date?!  Or not.  Anyway, this month has been an interesting mish mash music wise, but largely it’s been focused on learning instruments and the return of the ipod. This month, we have Listened to The ipod.  Now I’ve got a new car, my CDs are in the house again, so I’ve put the ipod back into the car.  A few new track updates and… Continue Reading “Music Exploration 23 – Young musician of the year”

School days – flashcards and VIP

headache sleeping boy

This week’s been an uneventful week at school as far as I can tell.  N ended off the week on Friday with a headache that came on at lunch time and lasted until Sunday morning, so he was very quiet on coming home.  That meant very little chit chat about what he got up to at school, and an excuse that evening about not being able to read his book. VIP Finally for the first time since way before Easter… Continue Reading “School days – flashcards and VIP”

School days – the one with random clothes and pancakes

So far we’ve not had many missing item occasions since N started at school.  Even at nursery we usually tended to find anything that had been mislaid or forgotten (well, apart from the Each Peach Pear Plum book*, which I think did turn up 2 years later, but I’m still waiting on my friend who works there to get it back to us) But over the last week at school it’s been a different story. Random lost and found After… Continue Reading “School days – the one with random clothes and pancakes”