Listography: Six songs of me

Kate at KateTakes5 has put up this week’s listography here, and it’s a really fun one.  Lots of reminiscing on old music, and hard decisions to make about which songs to choose.  Especially hard as music I love to bop to, sing along to and seriously dance to at a proper dance freestyle can be quite different. 1. What was the first song you ever bought? When I first started listening to music I tended to opt for compilations, so… Continue Reading “Listography: Six songs of me”

Listography: top 5 things I love about kids

This is a really interesting listography for me, as I’m not really a fan of children, or at least wasn’t until I had Nathaniel.  Even now I’m not a ‘baby’ person, although obviously I love Nathaniel, the children in our family, and my children’s friends are great too.  The ones I can’t stand are the ones who misbehave and have parents who don’t notice or care how badly behaved they are. I also don’t have a great deal of experience… Continue Reading “Listography: top 5 things I love about kids”

Listography: top 5 wishes for my child

Oh a great listography from KateTakes5 this week, and applicable to Nathaniel as well.  If I had 5 wishes to be bestowed on him from a fairy godmother these would be them: That he wishes to find out more than just farming for the future.  I’m hoping that he will enjoy school and want to move away and experience life even if he then wants to come back to farming. Continues to enjoy music as he does at the moment.… Continue Reading “Listography: top 5 wishes for my child”

Listography: Top 5 Cookbooks

I love cook books and I love choosing what I’m going to make, planning the shopping list and then finding new successful recipes.  Unfortunately my OH doesn’t really eat indian, chinese, thai etc so that somewhat limits what I can try. This week’s listography is top cookbooks, and you can find the other blogs joining in here Here’re mine (in no particular order): 1. Nigella Bites.  This was my first Nigella book and I’ve made quite a lot of the recipes… Continue Reading “Listography: Top 5 Cookbooks”

Listography: Mugs

This week’s listography was a popular one with all of Kate’s following.  And it’s a massive list of blogs taking part so be sure to check them out here (it’ll take a while!). I don’t do hot drinks usually.  Ok, I don’t do tea or coffee, so my mugs are either just for show, used for the occasional hot chocolate (more of that later), or in the ‘general’ drinking vessel cupboard for anyone to use.  But whoa betide anyone who… Continue Reading “Listography: Mugs”

Listography: top 5 phrases that make me crazy

I think it’s going to one of those listography’s which after I’ve written it, I then remember all the other annoying things that I’ve forgotten about!  Here are my phrases that I can’t stand (I’ve tried to not include too much office speak, because obviously there are loads of office jargon/terminology which are so annoying): 1. CU L8tr – or in fact, any text speak or shockingly spelt/grammatically incorrect phrase that people have written outside of a text message.  Use… Continue Reading “Listography: top 5 phrases that make me crazy”

Listography: Top 5 Websites

Linking up with KateTakes5’s listography this week, and it’s on your most commonly used websites.  I’m not really surprised about mine, as when I don’t have much time on the computer, there’s a few I always check. 1. WordPress.  Not sure that this would usually be my top one, although I’m getting used to  the wordpress ‘my blogs’ so am transferring from blogspot & google reader (which is plain annoying) to this. 2. Ebay.  Have been doing major clear outs… Continue Reading “Listography: Top 5 Websites”

Listography: top 5 biscuits

I have a sweet tooth (personally I think it may be genetic as my mum’s a bit of a chocolate lover as well, plus we weren’t really allowed much sweet stuff as kids so think I’m rebelling against that as well!), so think this time’s Listography is perfect for me. It’s all about the top 5 biscuits: Chocolate hobnobs.  Can’t beat these, crumbly, nutty, and obviously topped with chocolate 2. Chocolate Bourbons.  Ok so they’re a bit boring, but they… Continue Reading “Listography: top 5 biscuits”

Listography: tips for bloggers

I’ve not been blogging for very long but as Kate says when setting the theme for this time’s listography, there’s tips that are useful from any level of blogger.  So here’re my tips: 1. Write because you want to.  Have a reason – it may evolve and change, but as long as you’re writing and enjoying it that’s important.  I started this blog to be a journal for my son (for both myself and potentially him to read when we’re… Continue Reading “Listography: tips for bloggers”

Listography: Top 5 photos of 2011

Mmm, big event this year which was Nathaniel’s arrival, so I’m anticipating this could be quite obvious!  I have taken hundreds of photos this year, so it’s quite hard to choose which 5 make it to this listography list of top 5 photos of 2011: 1. Top of the list has to be a newborn one of Nathaniel.  He seemed so tiny at the time (even though he was a pretty big baby), but this picture just reminds me of… Continue Reading “Listography: Top 5 photos of 2011”