Tornado playhouse

I was confused to say the least on Tuesday to arrive home and find there were bits of Little Tikes playhouse roof on the lawn but no house.  Odd?!  Couldn’t work out why it would have been removed but thought maybe it had been taken down the road to go to my sister-in-law’s where Nathaniel goes twice a week for them to play with there. But then when the OH got home he say he’d found it on the front… Continue Reading “Tornado playhouse”

The great outdoors obsession

I guess being born into a farming family, I can’t get away from the fact that Nathaniel was going to be into the great outdoors, but it does seem very extreme.  Luckily we’re going into Spring at just the right time when he’s walking confidently and wanting to explore everywhere.  However, it does mean that given we have various dogs wandering loose around the farm all day, I have to keep a watch out for any ‘presents’ that need removing… Continue Reading “The great outdoors obsession”