Jab delay

Urgh.  We were hoping that Nathaniel’s last set of jabs were over and done with, especially as he’d had a bit of a temperature and was grouchy the weekend after he’d had them.  But no, that was tooth number 10’s arrival. Looks like his reaction to it has arrived 9-10 days afterwards.  Slight rash on his tummy (luckily nursery were fine with it being explained down to his MMR jab), and then before lunch they rang asking to give him… Continue Reading “Jab delay”

Evil Jabs

Thankfully we’ve got no more jabs now until 3 1/2 years old.  Yesterday it was Nathaniel’s 12/13 month jabs – boosters and his MMR.  I had no worries about him having the MMR as some parents have in the past.  With his second set of jabs back in March-ish time, he wasn’t very well after, but I think it actually coincided with him being ill anyway rather than being the impact of the jabs.  So I was fairly confident that… Continue Reading “Evil Jabs”