Why you should tell off other people’s children

's kids - Bubbablue and me

People seem to feel very strongly one way or the other about telling off other people’s children.  From what I’ve seen, it’s often from parents who’re incensed that someone has told off their child in front of them, or that they’ve wanted to tell off another child, but haven’t felt they could. Overall, it appears there’s an unwritten rule (outside of childcare or school settings) that no-one is allowed to tell off another person’s child. I don’t agree with this.… Continue Reading “Why you should tell off other people’s children”

Motherhood: the mum and son relationship

mum and son selfie at Geronimo

While it’s noticeable how much N loves his dad for certain things – bear hug cuddles, play fighting, going out and working on the farm, having a bath while his dad showers – motherhood is very different thanks to the mother and son relationship. Someone I know once said about her son ‘I’m never letting him go’.  Maybe that’s a little strong given that one day they’ll be leaving home to study or work, having girlfriends or wives and moving… Continue Reading “Motherhood: the mum and son relationship”

Babycentre – the best a mum can get

There’s loads of baby websites out there…some are great, some are ok and others are shockingly set up and hard to use.  One I randomly found when I first found out I was pregnant is www.babycentre.co.uk, and I was still using it for a few months after N was born. If you join Babycentre, you get weekly update emails explaining ‘your week’ during pregnancy or your baby’s week once he arrives.  There’re lots of articles, support from professionals, and if you’re… Continue Reading “Babycentre – the best a mum can get”