Toddler dancing in the street, at home, at nursery…

Like many toddlers, N’s likes to wiggle. I’d call it dancing, but I’m not sure it’s really that. His dad’s been encouraging him. Not to dance (because his dad’s not keen on dancing, especially for boys, so it’s going to be my job to ensure N likes to dance and isn’t self-conscious of doing so), but to bottom wiggle. I think really his dad’s trying to embarrass me by teaching N various ‘rude’ actions…although they don’t quite work with a… Continue Reading “Toddler dancing in the street, at home, at nursery…”

Cultural entertainment

Nathaniel’s not really a fan of the television.  Well, he doesn’t seem that fussed by it, even though (naughty me) it tends to be on all the time as background noise.  I always mean to put the radio on but the living room radio never seems to get decent signal, wherever I put it, and the tv radio doesn’t have classic fm which is what I’d like to have on during most of the day (I’m only a radio 2… Continue Reading “Cultural entertainment”