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Socialising vs life and work

| Observations and chat

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I’m now back working full time. My old job was an hour’s commute so to do nursery runs, I had to reduce my hours. Unless you’re very lucky, it’s hard to find a job that’s shorter hours.  Then there’s the toss up between reduced salary, spending time with children, part time by reducing days or […] Read more…

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It’s Christmas…party

| Christmas, Food & Drink

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Today was our NCT group’s Christmas party for this year.  We decided to do morning rather than afternoon as most of the toddlers sleep after lunch which means afternoons are a nightmare for timings of getting together.  We decided to do Secret Santa again as it always seems to go down well. Costumes were decided […] Read more…


Secret Santa excitement

| Odds and sods

I’m really excited about Secret Santa this year.  I refuse to take part in the work ones, after my first job where everyone took the mick out of one present I was give n because it was wrapped in newspaper by the ‘rubbish’ guy in the office (squash balls – perfect gift for me at […] Read more…


Natural mum or be prepared?

| Odds and sods

I was astounded yesterday as a work colleague (we’ve only been working together since I was back after maternity leave) asked me if I was ever going to have more kids.  Her reasoning was “you seem like the type to have a brood of 3 or 4″.  I almost fell off my chair laughing. For those […] Read more…


Rainbow cake & stripy jelly

| Odds and sods

Ok so Nathaniel’s first birthday was a week or so ago, but our NCT group of mums & babies decided to do one of our regular celebration get togethers in honour of all the first birthdays.  We were hosting it at ours, so I spent lots of time cooking in preparation (everyone always brings bits […] Read more…


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