Ballerina Girl – preschooler sweet nothings

turquoise birdcage cake

It’s always good when your child starts saying nice things about you.  It’s not often N says much about people. Thankfully we’ve not had him pointing out people in the street and asking about babies etc, given he’s recently got a bit obsessed with sticking his ‘babies’ (ie his Peter Rabbit and taggy blanket) up his top. The other day we went the christening of an NCT friend’s baby.  Being extremely poor at my attempts to lose weight, and instead… Continue Reading “Ballerina Girl – preschooler sweet nothings”

Point and Shoot – cars, canals, fetes and cheeky monkeys

tea on the green

We had a manic weekend this weekend.  I can’t believe N was still waking up at 5.15 each morning, even though he was on the go all day.  Quick naps were needed for the first time in ages. On Saturday morning my brother and I did a car boot sale.  We’re trying to clear out our mum’s house gradually as it’s taking a while to sell, so we don’t want to have a surprise and then find we’ve got a… Continue Reading “Point and Shoot – cars, canals, fetes and cheeky monkeys”

Thrifty nearly new sales with toddler in tow

Happyland pirate ship

Today was the day of our local NCT sale.  I love volunteering, but it’s pretty difficult getting someone to look after N for a full day as the volunteers are there from 8 until 3.  I did decide to sell though, as I had a big pile of clothes and toys to get rid of as well as various baby accoutrements that N doesn’t use anymore. It’s always great fun even if you’re not volunteering.  I always find someone to… Continue Reading “Thrifty nearly new sales with toddler in tow”

Socialising vs life and work

Bubbablue and me avatar

I’m now back working full time. My old job was an hour’s commute so to do nursery runs, I had to reduce my hours. Unless you’re very lucky, it’s hard to find a job that’s shorter hours.  Then there’s the toss up between reduced salary, spending time with children, part time by reducing days or just a few hours.  Not many people can afford to or want to work proper part time hours even if they can find a job… Continue Reading “Socialising vs life and work”

It’s Christmas…party

Christmas party shepherd

Today was our NCT group’s Christmas party for this year.  We decided to do morning rather than afternoon as most of the toddlers sleep after lunch which means afternoons are a nightmare for timings of getting together.  We decided to do Secret Santa again as it always seems to go down well. Costumes were decided upon (thank you supermarkets and their offers on clothing!); I’d let him choose between king and shepherd outfit.  Think he wanted the shepherd one for… Continue Reading “It’s Christmas…party”

Secret Santa excitement

I’m really excited about Secret Santa this year.  I refuse to take part in the work ones, after my first job where everyone took the mick out of one present I was give n because it was wrapped in newspaper by the ‘rubbish’ guy in the office (squash balls – perfect gift for me at the time) , then someone who supposedly knew me thought it would be a good idea to get me a blow up boyfriend in a… Continue Reading “Secret Santa excitement”

Nearly new – more hard work, bargains and fun

Yesterday saw me again doing a volunteering stint at our local NCT nearly new sale.  Even though it means a knackering day of hard work, and missing N while he gets looked after (this time by Grandma), I enjoy doing it plus you get the benefits of an additional 5% revenue back on any items you sell and more importantly first dibs on items for sale as volunteers have 45 minutes before the sale opens to shop for themselves. I… Continue Reading “Nearly new – more hard work, bargains and fun”

What makes one group work and another not?

Over the past year and a half Nathaniel & I have been to lots of different baby & toddler groups.  We were lucky at the beginning having had a group of good NCT friends where we could all agree to meet at one group or the other so we didn’t have to be the one person who knew no-one, although there was a danger of becoming cliquey which hopefully we avoided.  But it’s been interesting to see how successful or… Continue Reading “What makes one group work and another not?”

Natural mum or be prepared?

I was astounded yesterday as a work colleague (we’ve only been working together since I was back after maternity leave) asked me if I was ever going to have more kids.  Her reasoning was “you seem like the type to have a brood of 3 or 4”.  I almost fell off my chair laughing. For those who’ve read my tagline (“mother of one, formerly child avoider”), you can probably sympathise. She went to to explain that she just thought I seemed… Continue Reading “Natural mum or be prepared?”

Rainbow cake & stripy jelly

Ok so Nathaniel’s first birthday was a week or so ago, but our NCT group of mums & babies decided to do one of our regular celebration get togethers in honour of all the first birthdays.  We were hosting it at ours, so I spent lots of time cooking in preparation (everyone always brings bits & bobs along so it’s not all on one person) and cleaning (whoa, doesn’t happen often!).  I also had a bit of a guess that… Continue Reading “Rainbow cake & stripy jelly”