It’s the final countdown from nursery, with sports day

sports day and leaving party from nursery school

As I’ve mentioned (a few times) before, N is starting school in September.  I’ve been seeing on social media everyone else’s last days at preschool, and reading all about other parents’ emotional ‘end of nursery’ posts. We’re probably not the only ones, but it seems like it sometimes.  N goes to 2 nurseries – one a day nursery which he’ll still be at over the summer holidays until a week before starting school, and a nursery school (preschool) which now… Continue Reading “It’s the final countdown from nursery, with sports day”

A first nursery nativity play

noisy nativity king

Note to self, in future always arrive at school events 10 minutes beforehand rather than 2 minutes before. For N’s first nativity play at day nursery, I arrived to find I was the last parent by miles to arrive, and poor N was gazing round obviously looking at all the parents and wondering where I was.  Even though I walked right by where he was sitting to get to the last seat, he didn’t notice me for ages. I know… Continue Reading “A first nursery nativity play”

The dreaded nursery phone call

bashed up nose and face

As a working parent, there’s one thing I always dread after sending N off to nursery.  Biting?  Fighting?  Bad language?  Inappropriate actions that his dad’s taught him? Nope.  It’s the dreaded nursery phone call with their name flashing out on the phone display.  My heart always sinks as you never know what the problem is. This only really applied at the day nursery where he is 3 days a week.  After a year of being at nursery school on the other… Continue Reading “The dreaded nursery phone call”

Childhood influence – forever friends?

cousins playing

As a baby grows into a toddler and onwards, childhood influence is an interesting one to watch.  I’m sure there are plenty of parents with older children that area despairing or pleased at their childrens’ influencers but at the moment with N, it’s just really interesting to watch his friendships develop and evolve. N’s now enjoys playing with other children, rather than just playing alongside.  Ever since he could talk, he was always talking about one boy L at nursery… Continue Reading “Childhood influence – forever friends?”

What to take in a nursery bag

Boy in coat with ASA stage 1 swimming certificate

Mummy gets my bag ready for nursery the night before, but I like to include my own things just as we’re walking out of the door.  Anything to cause hassle and panic is great fun, although there is the danger of getting shouted at. The things mummy says we need to include are: Change of clothes – I like to remove things from the bag at nursery and at home so mummy never knows what’s in there.  The last 2… Continue Reading “What to take in a nursery bag”

Chain saws and scared toddlers

You’d think N would be used to noisy mechanical equipment, having been used to tractors, diggers, quad bikes etc from a young age.  But we’ve discovered that chain saws are really not a happy thing for him. His day nursery has a great forest school area that they play out in regularly, even more so during the hot weather as it’s obviously shady compared with their open playground areas.  But having a forest school means there are trees which need… Continue Reading “Chain saws and scared toddlers”

Birthday party fun

Birthday party fun

So far, given he’s only 2, we’ve not got into the perpetual cycle of birthday party after birthday party.  Apart from informal ones which are just piling into soft play or general play sessions, he’s been to his 4 year old cousin’s, and someone else’s by default as he was a tag along to his cousin’s invite. But this weekend he went to his first proper birthday party for someone who he doesn’t really know that well.  She goes to… Continue Reading “Birthday party fun”

Mine and My

N’s at the amusing stage where everything’s ‘mine’. It’s always ‘MY this’, ‘My that’ or ‘MINE’ all said above normal volume. It can be a bit annoying when items clearly aren’t his, or if he’s taking offence to other children playing with his toys, but otherwise it’s funny (and preferable to the ‘why’s’ which haven’t started yet). The latest was at nursery when I went to pick him up the other day. He must have seen me walking up to… Continue Reading “Mine and My”

Dinner time decisions

When I was working, it was really easy to work out what we were doing for dinner when.  I tended to eat at work, N would eat at either nursery or at the farm on non-nursery days, and OH would eat at the farm.  Obviously Friday to Sunday were normal family meals.  But now we’re trying to make decisions on when to eat dinner. N’s still in nursery 2 days a week so eats at nursery.  We’d usually eat at… Continue Reading “Dinner time decisions”

Nursery mums (and dads)

For the second day on the trot, we’ve had to hang around at nursery waiting for one parent (oh ok, it’s been the mums that are the culprits) who’s hogging the person doing child handovers and day run through, while everyone else has their child waiting to go home. For most of the last year we’ve had no problems.  Same time every time, between 5.30-5.40, and maybe there’s one other person picking up.  Nursery now only have one person doing… Continue Reading “Nursery mums (and dads)”