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Childhood influence – forever friends?

| Family, Observations

cousins playing

As a baby grows into a toddler and onwards, childhood influence is an interesting one to watch.  I’m sure there are plenty of parents with older children that area despairing or pleased at their childrens’ influencers but at the moment with N, it’s just really interesting to watch his friendships develop and evolve. N’s now […]


Mine and My

| Observations

N’s at the amusing stage where everything’s ‘mine’. It’s always ‘MY this’, ‘My that’ or ‘MINE’ all said above normal volume. It can be a bit annoying when items clearly aren’t his, or if he’s taking offence to other children playing with his toys, but otherwise it’s funny (and preferable to the ‘why’s’ which haven’t […]


Nursery heat

| Odds and sods

Nathaniel tends to like being warm, but his average temperature is fairly low at around 35.3ish degrees .  Even during the warm summer nights (yes remember, we did get these athough they were in September/October), he’d still usually go to bed in vest, sleepsuit & summer sleep bag.  Sometimes without the vest, but I just […]

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