Living Arrows 2016 week 29 – Penguin on a gator

Living Arrows - Penguin driving a John Deere gator

Last week N was loving his onesie again.  I’ve no idea why, but we were getting packed for camping so he had to try it on to see if it still fit.  It was a lovely one from Marks and Spencer – a little penguin onesie. N then went racing round the garden in his John Deere gator.  He’s really getting a bit big for the gator now but he still loves it.  It made me chuckle seeing a penguin… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 29 – Penguin on a gator”

My Sunday Photo – silaging

My Sunday photo - waiting and watching the sileaging

It’s silaging time on the farm this week which means late evenings working.  And evenings after school standing and watching the tractors driving in and out of the silage pit, unloading and driving out again while the grass is scooped up and compacted. N loves watching it, and I have to admit I quite like seeing the hustle and bustle too, of them trying to beat the rain.

My Sunday Photo – lamb

gamboling lamb

All of N’s ewes who were pregnant have now lambed and there’s quite a difference in size between them in just a few weeks.  So 9 lambs, all doing well, and the final one is out in the field behind the house. One evening this week we spent ages watching them, and this lamb in particular was keen to play. Unlike all of the larger lambs.  He was quite happy to gambol around on his own while I took photos.… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – lamb”

My Sunday Photo – lambing

follow my leader with sheep

It’s getting towards the end of lambing season on our farm (it feels like it’s been going on for ages), and N’s sheep have nearly all lambed. He has 10 sheep, 6 have lambs, 3 are still to lamb and 1 was found not to be pregnant.  So N’s a happy little boy. His sheep and lambs are currently in the paddock behind our garden, so each morning he looks out of the window to check they’re ok. And on… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – lambing”

My Sunday Photo – lambing

sheep and lambs on the farm

N’s a proper little farmer at the tender age of 5. He helps on the farm when he gets the chance, and at the moment he’s really excited because it’s lambing time which means his own 10 sheep are due to lamb. So far 5 have been born and all are out in the paddock behind the house and doing well.  Every evening N goes out with his dad to help feed them, and in the mornings he checks that… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – lambing”

A first time target shooting – tin can fun

First time learning to target shoot on the farm. A way to show trust, and let him learn about discipline, safety and correct use of a gun.

I’m not a fan of guns, I don’t have an urge to shoot them, but I appreciate that in the countryside they can be invaluable for pest control. Having said that, I have tried shooting a couple of times.  Once when I was a girl guide, I went to a big jamboree when I was about 12, and part of the team games included either archery or shooting.  I didn’t get to try out archery, but I did get to… Continue Reading “A first time target shooting – tin can fun”

Living Arrows 2016 week 7 – discovery

Finding a rusty hinge in the garden - Bubbablue and me Living Arrows

I’ve struggled to get any photos of N this week.  He’s either always in school uniform, not really doing anything interesting before and after school, and then at weekends has been spending time on the farm rather than out and about with me. But my brother popped over on Sunday, and suggested they potter about in the garden.  N loves spending time with him and was so excited to make the discovery of this rusty old hinge that his uncle… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2016 week 7 – discovery”

Questions you always wanted to ask a farmer about cows

Ask a Farmer- Q&As about cows Bubbablue and me

I’d like to say that as a farmer’s wife I know lots about what goes on the farm.  I know some, but I can see N’s knowledge overtaking mine soon. When I first met the OH, and then later when we got married I used to ask all the stupid questions that had probably been going round my mind since I was a little girl.  So if you’ve got some seemingly stupid cow questions (and yes, he did make me… Continue Reading “Questions you always wanted to ask a farmer about cows”

A snowy walk round the farm

a snowy walk on the farm - Bubbbalue and me

Whenever the weather is playing ball, I frequently gaze out and hope I can get out to take some photos. It doesn’t always work out that way – usually we have other plans.  But the other week we had snowing falling on the weekend, so it was the prime opportunity to go for a snowy photography walk. N was really excited that it had snowed, and we got all dressed up in outdoor gear.  Then we opened the front door… Continue Reading “A snowy walk round the farm”

Christmas preparation on the farm

decorating the christmas tree

If the OH had his way, Christmas wouldn’t exist.  To him it’s too much effort, and being on the farm, he still needs to work over Christmas.  The animals still need feeding although he does try and get as much work done early in the morning so he can get back in plenty of time to visit the nephews and niece to do present drop offs. December is definitely when we start thinking about Christmas preparation, aided by the advent… Continue Reading “Christmas preparation on the farm”