Howard Davis Park discovery in St Helier


Our holiday to Jersey seems like a lifetime ago now. Every so often I look at the photos and remember how good a break, and what fun we had. One of best and most simple things we did was go to the park near our hotel. Every day, in fact several times a day, because it was the nicest way to walk into town. N loves a park, and the Howard Davis Park in St Helier is a pretty good example… Continue Reading “Howard Davis Park discovery in St Helier”

Paddling pool and scooter fun in Stratford-upon-Avon

scooting and paddling pool fun in Stratford upon avon

Despite us only having weekends to really do many activities, I feel like we managed to cram in a lot over the holidays.  Sometimes free is best, and perfectly suitable for young children. N loves going to the park, and with no splash parks or good parks in town, we quite often head to Stratford-upon-Avon for an early morning play and relax.  We usually pop N’s bike or scooter in the boot too, so there’s plenty we can do at… Continue Reading “Paddling pool and scooter fun in Stratford-upon-Avon”

A ball and a half – the Wicked Mega Bounce XL

Megabounce xl ball review

You know when you see something and think, what fun, I fancy one of those.  Well, the Wicked Mega Bounce XL was one of those items. I’m a sucker for a good outdoor toy, and if it’s a super bouncy ball or something a bit different I want to have a go with it.  We were able to review the Wicked Mega Bounce XL ball, and we’ve had quite a bit of fun with it. The downside of giant balls… Continue Reading “A ball and a half – the Wicked Mega Bounce XL”

Micro Scooters rule – one boy and his scooter

testing out the microscooter

Scooters have always gone down well in our house.  N had a My First Scooter when he was 2, and hasn’t looked back, more frequently using my adult one if we’re out because he’d grown out of his own.  But I’ve been looking longingly at the Micro Scooters for a while now, and decided that his 5th birthday he could have one for his main present. Because we can’t walk or scoot to school, I was initially loathed to spend… Continue Reading “Micro Scooters rule – one boy and his scooter”

Making bike and scooter tracks at the park

taking the corner on his bike

N will take any opportunity to ride his bike.  In the house, out on the farm, the grass, the yard, the road.  He’ll be on his bike any chance possible. I find it really interesting that girls and boys at his age are still (generally) stereotypically developing.  Our of his circle of friends, it’s mostly the girls who can write their alphabet, read and draw detailed and accurate pictures.  The boys are mostly taking a lot longer to get there… Continue Reading “Making bike and scooter tracks at the park”

Rough and tumble – in the wars

riding the escalator in Marks and Spencer

As a baby, I never really thought N got hurt very often.  Even as a toddler and being at nursery, there were only a couple of times he got bangs and bruises.  Until his first couple of weeks in school he’d never needed a plaster (and even that time, I’d probably have not bothered for a grazed knee). Ok, so he’d fallen down the stairs a couple of times – playing near, turning round and not concentrating probably being the… Continue Reading “Rough and tumble – in the wars”

Besties and boys day out at Conkers

Visiting Conkers Discovery Centre

A short while back my bestfriend and her nearly 3 year old son (my godson) came to visit for the weekend.  After a fleeting visit round the corner to Upton House on the Saturday, she was heading back up east to her parents’ on the Sunday, so  we decided to head out for the day in that direction. N’s a bit obsessed with conkers although he’s now transferred his attention to sweet chestnuts as well.  I think he got a… Continue Reading “Besties and boys day out at Conkers”

A fleeting playground and Canal Day visit

rainbow tree decoration

Sometimes kids just can’t make up their minds. I love going to the big events in town – there’s a good chance we’ll bump into people we know, it’s great to get out and about, and support events and charities, plus there’s always something interesting to see or learn…or photograph! N told me he didn’t want to go to the Canal Day in Banbury this year.  Last year he loved the ride on the narrow boat, and seeing everything there,… Continue Reading “A fleeting playground and Canal Day visit”

Living Arrows 2015 week 40 – playground roar

roar - moaning boy - Living Arrows

I’ve had a few photos to choose from this week for my Living Arrows shot.  Considering I hadn’t thought I’d taken many photos this week, I’d caught quite a few lovely ones of N. This one was taken when we went out early for a scoot to the park. We always park a bit away where it’s free, then scoot in to the playground area, but this time just N took him scooter.  I then realised how small his scooter… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2015 week 40 – playground roar”