Pizza Express party confidence

birthday party at pizza express - bubbablue and me

In the past N hasn’t been a keen party goer. He’s gone along to some, to others he’s refused.  And there’s always a time beforehand when he says he’s not going. But all parties so far were with lots of other children he knew.  This week, N went to his first party where he didn’t know anyone other than the party boy. It was his old best friend from nursery and he was having a Pizza Express party. N had… Continue Reading “Pizza Express party confidence”

Children’s birthday party convert

From a birthday party hate to a party lover - Bubbablue and me

N doesn’t really do birthday parties. I love children’s parties because at the moment, most parents stay which gives me a great opportunity to catch up with mums I don’t get to see at school. But N isn’t usually a fan. So he normally refuses to go to any he’s invited to. It doesn’t even matter who the child is, it’s usually a no. The parties he has been to since starting school (other that his own) have all been… Continue Reading “Children’s birthday party convert”

How to create the perfect pirate party for kids


Unlike many children, N’s not really big on birthday party themes.  But even he requested a pirate party theme when we were in the early planning stages of his last party. He didn’t get one because he won’t do dressing up, doesn’t really take part in themed games or activities and the theme was going to conflict with the car theme his friend had asked for.  But he does enjoy watching Swashbuckle  and finds pirate books funny, so I think… Continue Reading “How to create the perfect pirate party for kids”

Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter

childrens chatter birthday cake planning Bubbablue and me

When he was at his day nursery, it was the norm for the birthday boy or girl to bring in cakes or treats for the children in their room on their birthday.  So before his birthday this year, I asked him if others brought treats or cakes in.  He said no, so I didn’t send him in with anything.  It’s always a relief not to spend the evening before baking frantically, so I didn’t think anything of it. But it… Continue Reading “Birthday cake planning and children’s chatter”

A Mad Science party for 5 year olds

How to make science bunting

When we started thinking about N’s birthday party it was all a bit of a blur.  Unless your child has a particular yearning for one theme, you can come unstuck with all the offers out there.  We joined up with his best friend as their birthdays are only a few weeks apart and they’d be inviting the same people from school and NCT,  and then it was on to party planning. The party theme You’d think 2 boys the same… Continue Reading “A Mad Science party for 5 year olds”

5 non-boring party bag ideas for pre-schooler to 7 year olds

5 non-boring party bag ideas for kids - Bubbablue and me

It’ll be N’s birthday in the next month, so we’re in party planning mode.  Well, I say we.  N keeps changing his mind over the type of party he wants, or whether he wants on at all. The plan is that we’re having a joint party with his best friend because their birthdays are close together.  It’s  no brainer given they’re in the same class, and know similar people outside of school as well. So the mum and I have… Continue Reading “5 non-boring party bag ideas for pre-schooler to 7 year olds”

Halloween party play

halloween party play - bubbablue and me

Being that time of year again, we’ve just had our traditional Halloween NCT party.  One of the girls often invites everyone round to their spookily decorated house for the children to play, the adults to chat, and for us all to eat way too much. N of course, decided beforehand that he didn’t want to go.  ‘I don’t like parties, I’m staying on the farm’.  No, you’re coming. I didn’t make him dress up because I knew he wouldn’t want… Continue Reading “Halloween party play”

Summer holiday fancy dress fun with George at Asda

TMNT fancy dress

This summer is the last one where N hasn’t really got an official summer holiday.  He’s still at nursery through most of the holidays, but when George at Asda suggested he get some friends together to celebrate the summer holidays, we reckoned it was a great idea. We were sent some fancy dress costumes to get the children in the party spirit.  N didn’t even bother waiting for his playdate I organised.  He decided that when his cousin came over… Continue Reading “Summer holiday fancy dress fun with George at Asda”

Frozen banana ice cream lollipops

eating banana lollies

For N’s non-birthday party i decided to do lunchboxes for the children. So quick and easy to do, and the kids only had to pick the drink flavour and the sandwich filling they wanted. The rest was set and they either ate it all or not. There was very little waste leftover so they went down well along with the veg sticks and fruit i also put out for them to add to their lunchbox if they wanted (and to… Continue Reading “Frozen banana ice cream lollipops”