Project 365 2017 week 22

wild chives taking over the garden

It’s been a lovely half term week.  I’ve had to work 2 days of it, but the rest of the week we’ve tried to make the most of the wonderful weather.  Here’s this week’s Project 365, wek 23. On Sunday, we drove up to Chester. My plan was to get up there early and look round. We stayed in a hotel, then the next day was planning to go to Manchester to see my best-friend. I’ve not been to Chester… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 22”

Living Arrows – tunnel reflection

Living Arrows 2017 week 22 - tunnel reflection

We had an inset day before half term, and with the weather being beautiful I’d decided that we should go and check out Bosworth Water Park complete with inland beach. Not only was there a small lake for paddling but there was a great pirate playground. N loved it, and I managed to grab this photo of him just as he stopped to say ‘no photos’. The tunnel reflection looks a bit like rippling water.  Nothing like the sandy murky… Continue Reading “Living Arrows – tunnel reflection”

Project 365 2017 week 21

summer birkenstocks and picnic blankets

It’s week 21 of Project 365, and it’s been wonderful weather all week.  Unfortunately work got in the way of enjoying it, but we have been making the most of it in the evenings. Here’s this week’s photos: On Sunday, despite the warm weather N insisted on wearing his jumper.  His favourite activity this week has been weeding each evening. Our garden does need a lot of weeding, but we weren’t making a dent in it. It was lovely to… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 21”

Living Arrows 2017 week 21 – looking up

Living Arrows 2017 week 21 - looking up

A day spent in St Nicholas’ Park playing mini golf, going on fair rides, the playground and riding his bike. I’d say that was a pretty much perfect day for a 6 year old boy. This shot I’ve chosen for living arrows this week, was when N was on a little netted ’roundabout’ swing. He still looks really young here, despite his huge front teeth!  I’m predicting he’ll be like me and need a tooth or two out, and a… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2017 week 21 – looking up”

My Sunday Photo – shooting arrows

My Sunday Photo - shooting arrows

N loves to play outside, and this crossbow and arrow set are his top toy at the moment. Mostly because the arrows fly so far and fast and he can see how high he can send them.  So far, one is lost on next door’s roof and a second is in next door’s garden. I’m hoping it gets thrown back over before their dogs get to it. So one left. Hopefully the others will be retrieved soon. (*Affiliate link –… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – shooting arrows”

Project 365 2017 week 20

peach gerbera

Week 20 of project 365, and I’ve been taking really random shots this week, mainly because I’ve known that I’ve not got interesting things happening to take photos of. On Sunday we went to St Nicholas Park in Warwick and had a great time exploring and playing. This was N on the net swing thing – although as soon as he got on it, other kids turned up to climb on and push him which he didn’t like so he… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 20”

Why you should edit blog photos and tips on how

How and why you should edit blog photos - Bubbablue and me

With the rapid increase in Instagram users, and bloggers wanting to make their blogs really reflect their content and life visually, photography seems to have enjoyed a resurgence in interest.  Many of my non-blogger friends have ‘big’ cameras (DSLRs that they mostly only use on auto), and the talk amongst bloggers is often about what cameras they should have for photography and/or vlogging.  But there’s so many bloggers who use photos on their blogs but don’t show them off properly. … Continue Reading “Why you should edit blog photos and tips on how”

Living Arrows – reflective play

Living Arrows 2017 week 20 - mirror reflections

N had numerous strange things that he’s taken ownership of over the years. This compact mirror from a cracker has been floating around the kitchen for a while, and the other day he was playing around with it. He spotted I had the camera out and wanted to see if I could get a photo of me reflected in the mirror. It was a bit blurry, but I was more excited to see outdoors through the window reflected in his eye.… Continue Reading “Living Arrows – reflective play”

My Sunday Photo – Strictly show

My Sunday Photo - beauty and the beast Strictly Banbury costumes and dancers

This weekend has been the local Strictly show, with local ‘heroes’ and ‘pros’ from the local ballroom dance school.  This year 2 of my friends were taking part – they both danced nicely, but for the matinee I was at they didn’t make the final stage. There were some lovely dancers – some I couldn’t tell who was the pro, others were definitely not dancers!  I’d love to take part in something like this, maybe if I lose my weight,… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Strictly show”