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Photo perfect

| Observations and chat

I wanted to get some photos done of N when he hit 2, and missed out on our Pixifoto free visit when it came just after Christmas.  But our local softplay has a several relevant businesses that work out of there (hairdresser and music groups etc).  There’s also a resident photographer. A couple of weeks ago […] Read more…


The Gallery: Eyes

| Linkies

I think this is only the second gallery I’ve joined in, but it’s one that I’ve had to pick from several photos of my son.  I’ve got some gorgeous up close pictures of him showing them, but as hes been ill this weekend, I’ve decided to share a picture of his ‘sad’ eyes.  It’s interesting […] Read more…


Listography: Top 5 photos of 2011

| Odds and sods

Mmm, big event this year which was Nathaniel’s arrival, so I’m anticipating this could be quite obvious!  I have taken hundreds of photos this year, so it’s quite hard to choose which 5 make it to this listography list of top 5 photos of 2011: 1. Top of the list has to be a newborn […] Read more…


Photo queuing

| Odds and sods

I love getting proper professional photos taken of my baby.  Of course I take loads of my own photos, but you can never get a nice background (unless you want to set the place up properly).  It’s lovely to have some nice momentos (plus with Pixifoto you get a complimentary photo anyway, so you don’t […] Read more…

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