Birthday boy

The last year’s gone so quickly…my baby’s not a baby any longer, he’s a one year old toddler.  It was his first birthday yesterday, plus with him having started walking a couple of weeks ago, he’s definitely moved into toddlerdom. It was a very low key birthday, no party, just a normal day with a few presents, seeing lots of family members who dropped in, and of course cake.  I’m not a great cake baker – well, I enjoy baking… Continue Reading “Birthday boy”

Mad for wooden toys

Am loving all the wooden toys at the moment.  Have a fabulous one already for Nathaniel for Christmas, and am currently waiting on the sit on trike to go lower in price on buyapowa.  It’s a Pintoy sit on trike – I love it, but would love the price to go lower by more people joining in to buy. If you’re buying presents for babies/young toddlers, please check it out.  A great website where co-buying helps get bargains bought.  And… Continue Reading “Mad for wooden toys”