Party idea: Pizza making at Pizza Express

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I’d not come across this before (can’t believe how I missed out hearing about it!), but we went pizza making at Pizza Express for our team’s work Christmas lunch.  If you’re looking for something a bit different for a party idea, it’s definitely one to look out for. They do children’s and adults versions, so something for any age. We had a great time.  There was someone looking after us and explaining what we’d be doing, then we had some… Continue Reading “Party idea: Pizza making at Pizza Express”

Oxford Beach fun

It’s not often we get to go to the beach living in the middle of the country, almost as far from the seaside as possible.  But this summer, the Oxford beach was set up at Oxford Castle. We met up with one of my good friends (almost halfway) the other day in Oxford. Generally I find Oxford doesn’t really have much for toddlers (obviously the open spaces are great, but if the weather’s bad you’re limited), so I was hoping… Continue Reading “Oxford Beach fun”

Sea life Centre visit

I’m a bit of a loyalty card lover…let’s face it, if you’re buying anyway, you may as well take up any benefits you can get back.  Over the years I’d collected quite a few Airmiles through various sources, but never done anything with them.  Then before I got the chance to fly somewhere amazing (well, semi-amazing with the amount I had) for free, we had Nathaniel which kind of scuppered that opportunity.  So I’d been saving them up for something… Continue Reading “Sea life Centre visit”

Eating habits

Nathaniel’s eating is coming along really well.  He’s gone a bit off vegetables (unless they’re the only thing put in front of him)…he seems to be a bit of a carb freak (bread, croissants, naan bread, cheese on toast, pasta) and loves meat too (although not sure whether he finds minced beef too rich compared to a roast).  But fruit’s definitely still a favourite – new season kiwi fruit and satsuma’s a going down a treat. He’s pretty good with… Continue Reading “Eating habits”