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Deja vu park play

| Days out, Linkies

This weekend’s been a bit disjointed.  It’s been full of chores, and we’ve not really done anything specific; we’d been planning Sunday adventures, but a call from the youngest cousin yesterday saying he wanted to come and play with N, put paid to that (oh and having to cook a roast!).  But N’s still managed […] Read more…


Summer picnics

| Days out, Food & Drink

Now we’ve had a bit of sun and heat (it’s taken until May this year), it’s been the perfect opportunity to get out and have a picnic alongside lots of outdoor play.  We don’t have garden furniture (not really got round to getting some, plus it’d get wrecked being out in our windswept, open paddock […] Read more…

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Afternoon at the playground

| Odds and sods

Yippee, another task completed from my 101 in 1001 list. Today was a lovely day, although quite exhausting.  We had Rhythm Time in the morning (quite empty as 2 of Nathaniel’s friends couldn’t make it due to their mummies going spa-ing!!!).  As the day was beautiful and warm, we decided to take a walk to […] Read more…

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