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Confident climber

| Days out, Milestones

The last time we went to soft play we had a result….whoop, the first time he clambered up the steps, through the tunnel and down the slide all by himself.  All very exciting for me.  It means I don’t have to drag myself round it any longer. Although he also decided he wanted to follow […] Read more…

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Tornado playhouse

| Toys & Gadgets

I was confused to say the least on Tuesday to arrive home and find there were bits of Little Tikes playhouse roof on the lawn but no house.  Odd?!  Couldn’t work out why it would have been removed but thought maybe it had been taken down the road to go to my sister-in-law’s where Nathaniel […] Read more…


More nearly new bargains

| Odds and sods

I just love bargains, especially when it comes to children’s stuff…clothes, toys, books, any of it really.  They grow so fast, and they’re not aware of whether items are new or not, so it’s brilliant to pick up what you can at bargain prices (especially if they’re on your wanted list anyway!). Our local NCT […] Read more…