Project 365 2017 week 32

archways and lights in Banbury

We’re onto week 32 of this year’s Project 365, a photo a day for a year.  It’s been quieter this week on the photo front. But I’ve got another week off work this week so hopefully will have lots of photo opportunities. Here’s this week’s photos. On Sunday we went to Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace. The highlight of N’s day was sitting in a potato harvester. On Monday I popped into town at lunchtime and on the way back… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 32”

Project 365 2017 week 31 – bunting and flowers

pretty cottage gate and garden

This week I took more photos than I thought. There’s been quite a bit of patio tennis in the evenings (I’ve finally bought new grip for my racquet – one of my favourite most relaxing things, putting on new grip! so no more pink hands), and quite a lot of rain showers. But we’re through week 2 of the school holidays and I’m already realising I need to get off my backside and organise our final week off and somewhere… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 31 – bunting and flowers”

Project 365 2017 week 30 – camping and puppies

low planes over the tent

Week 1 of the summer holidays is complete and we’re back from our annual camping trip with friends. For the first time in 3 trips, we had more rain than sun, although I’m glad we got 2 days of amazing sun unlike those arriving at the end of our trip who were due more wind and rain.  I didn’t get much sleep unusually (well, my fitbit* says I did, but I seemed to see every hour so not sure how… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 30 – camping and puppies”

Project 365 2017 week 29

new havaianas flip flops

This week’s Project 365 was a bit of a slog. This year’s felt a bit different with being less inspired – not helped by demoralising Instagram, now I’ve lost 300 followers in 2 months.  I’m now just thinking sod that, and will just enjoy looking at my feed myself. Because I’m proud of the photos I take and how much my photography has improved over the last couple of years. So only week 29 of Project 365. On Sunday I… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 29”

Project 365 2017 week 27 and 28

selfie at Cornbury festival

It’s a fortnight of Project 365 for me this week. Going to Cornbury Festival last week didn’t leave me time to do it, and then I just didn’t get round to it over this week.  So here’s our week 27 and 28. Week 27 As well as the intended new puppy, I discovered on Sunday, we also have 3 new farm kittens. Yes, yet more. This is the fluffiest of the bunch. The other 2 didn’t want to be photographed.… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 27 and 28”

Project 365 2017 week 26 – festivals and fairy lights

massey ferguson drawing

We’re halfway through the year, and marching on towards the summer holidays.  It’s been a pretty quiet this week, but I’m expecting things to get a bit more manic over the next few weeks. We’ve had quiet weekends and not much dancing on, so even at weekends it’s been calm and stress free.  I’m getting itchy feet and wanting to get out but N’s moaning he doesn’t want to go out as usual. Here’s this week’s photos for Project 365.… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 26 – festivals and fairy lights”

Project 365 2017 week 25 – garden bubbles

water dunking

It’s week 25 of Project 365 and we’re thankfully over the heatwave. Nearly a week’s worth of 30C heat, and I was happiest being in work with the air conditioning.  Here’s this week’s photos. On Sunday it was garden bubbles getting the bubble machine out.  N was intrigued with the mechanism and decided he was going to catch the bubbles. It didn’t work that well but it didn’t put him off. On Monday I arrived home from work, then N… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 25 – garden bubbles”

Project 365 2017 week 24

ready to go on the quadbike

We’re rapidly approaching midsummer and halfway through this year’s Project 365. And unbelievably only a few weeks left of year 1 at school.  Here’s this week’s photos. On Sunday, N was out on the farm as usual, but came back in the afternoon to have a ride on his quad bike, along with his cousin. I’m pleased to see the helmet’s making more of an appearance. On Monday N came back from tennis (hence the oversized school PE shorts), and… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 24”

Project 365 2017 week 23

Lego card sorting out

It’s week 23 of Project 365.  Despite it being summer the weather has been so up and down, I’ve not been out much during the week to take photos.  Apart from flowers, I’m not finding much inspiration. The whole instagram engagement thing has put me off a bit – just not feeling like taking photos, and then not having any I want to share. Plus of course, when engagement drops to half, it feels like there’s no point sharing them.… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 23”

Project 365 2017 week 22

wild chives taking over the garden

It’s been a lovely half term week.  I’ve had to work 2 days of it, but the rest of the week we’ve tried to make the most of the wonderful weather.  Here’s this week’s Project 365, wek 23. On Sunday, we drove up to Chester. My plan was to get up there early and look round. We stayed in a hotel, then the next day was planning to go to Manchester to see my best-friend. I’ve not been to Chester… Continue Reading “Project 365 2017 week 22”