Living Arrows 2017 week 12 – library visit

Living Arrows 2017 week 12 - library choices

We used to go to the library regularly, but haven’t been since last summer.  With N getting reading books from school and refusing to read his books at home himself, a library visit seems a lot of effort if I need to have him with me. But this weekend N had requested to visit the library and get some books out. We dug out his library card, paid an extortionate £1.50 for the nearest car park (no free parking in… Continue Reading “Living Arrows 2017 week 12 – library visit”

Favourite children’s books

N obviously takes after me in his love of books (plus of course being a typical toddler who’s sucking up all the information in them!).  We tend to have to read quite a few before bedtime, although sometimes he’s quite happy grabbing a pile of books from the bookcase downstairs to look through himself during a quiet period. We have a bookcase/toy tidy downstairs which is overflowing with books, and upstairs have a handy cardboard box which allows N to… Continue Reading “Favourite children’s books”