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Photo perfect

| Observations and chat

I wanted to get some photos done of N when he hit 2, and missed out on our Pixifoto free visit when it came just after Christmas.  But our local softplay has a several relevant businesses that work out of there (hairdresser and music groups etc).  There’s also a resident photographer. A couple of weeks ago […] Read more…


Toddler friends

| Days out, Observations and chat

Being 2 seems to be the start of having friends.  Before N’s been happy to tag around after his old cousins, and vaguely do activities at nursery alongside other children, but it’s great to see him really connecting with other children. What amazes me is how quickly children get used to being with others.  It’s […] Read more…

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Big kids soft play

| Days out, Family life, Milestones

climbing at soft play

Today we joined one of N’s friends at a soft play place in town for her 2nd birthday.  N’s never really that fussed about soft play.  He tends to head straight for the things he has at home or are just toys on the ground as such (Little Tikes houses, hoovers, trikes, rocker etc).  Although […] Read more…

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Soft play brings out the best and worst

| Days out

It was a toss up today as to whether we went to a wildlife park or stayed nearer home and went to Rugrats & Halfpints soft play.  Given the weather was a tad cold and potentially rainy, soft play won out.  As it was half term and a bank holiday I wanted to get there […] Read more…

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Could it be Magic…land?

| Odds and sods, Reviews

It always used to be easy to meet up with friends and babies when they were tiny.  They slept or fed but generally would stay in their prams out of the way while we conversed, drank coffee and ate cake (mmm, no wonder it took til 8 months post birth to even get motivated to […] Read more…

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