School Days – fair awards and star of the week

making up stories for homework

We’ve only had one week back at school since half term, but it’s felt like we’ve been back forever. I think we got the better deal for the weather compared with those off this week, but now it’s getting lighter in the mornings and evenings. Soon Spring will be here. Here’s this week’s School Days. Fair awards and star of the week N is just like me – fair and just. Everything should follow the rules and reward the people… Continue Reading “School Days – fair awards and star of the week”

School Days – parents evening and dinosaurs

doing maths homework

After last week’s short week, this one was about getting back into the proper routine. After a long break you forget how hard it is to do a full week at school. And that’s just the parents – fitting everything in, remembering everything that’s going on and geeing up the children. We’re definitely back into the routine again. Reading Whoop, finally N had (we think) moved up a level in reading. He’s now on level 6/orange and is going up… Continue Reading “School Days – parents evening and dinosaurs”

How to get kids reward charts to work

how to make a reward chart work - Bubbablue and me

Ever since we started thinking about potty training we’ve had a reward system. And before now it’s never really worked before. N just wasn’t bothered.  Stickers have never really been his thing, even though he knew there would be something at the end after he got so many. I’d be in awe of other parents I knew whose children were just happy to fill a sheet with stickers. We ended up just letting him do potty training himself, and he… Continue Reading “How to get kids reward charts to work”

Learning about health and exercise at school

exercising on bikes

One of the great things about children starting school is that you no longer have to answer every question they ask.  I’m presuming the teachers get a lot of their questions too.  But there’s also the mystery about what they learn at school.  Because you can never get a complete school day run down from 5 year olds. N’s quite good at telling me what he’s been doing.  Sometimes it’s sporadic, but I can prompt because the school send us… Continue Reading “Learning about health and exercise at school”

The mystery that is primary school uniform

mystery of primary school uniform - Bubbablue and me

To those of you with school age children already, do share your experiences and advice.  I’m after a lot of information to help smooth my (I reckon the kids get the easy end of the deal) path into the school age child stage. It’s all about the mystery of primary school uniforms. Size My first issue with primary school uniforms.  It’s a minefield.  I started looking in July before the school holidays, but I’ve already had problems finding uniform that… Continue Reading “The mystery that is primary school uniform”

13 essential tasks for preparing children starting school

13 essential tasks to prepare for starting school - Bubbablue and me

We’re only a couple of weeks off starting school (every day I get asked, ‘when’s September?’) but I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the things that need to be checked off before starting.  So I thought I’d pull together a post sharing those points you may have forgotten as well as the obvious ones.  Oh, and the approximate timings. I’m assuming primary school (or kindergarten in the US), but nursery or preschool starters’ parents could also find… Continue Reading “13 essential tasks for preparing children starting school”

It’s the final countdown from nursery, with sports day

sports day and leaving party from nursery school

As I’ve mentioned (a few times) before, N is starting school in September.  I’ve been seeing on social media everyone else’s last days at preschool, and reading all about other parents’ emotional ‘end of nursery’ posts. We’re probably not the only ones, but it seems like it sometimes.  N goes to 2 nurseries – one a day nursery which he’ll still be at over the summer holidays until a week before starting school, and a nursery school (preschool) which now… Continue Reading “It’s the final countdown from nursery, with sports day”

Month of Firsts 11 – Flumes, school and camping

first pair of school shoes

It’s been a busy month, ending with the nightmare of no internet, hence the delay in writing up our Month of Firsts for this month. Lack of decent internet is the annoying thing about living In the sticks, and there never seems to be an improvement in site. Or there is, and then you’re let down and it doesn’t work. But onto this month’s firsts.  In July, N Went camping for the first time We had our first camping holiday… Continue Reading “Month of Firsts 11 – Flumes, school and camping”

Going the lazy but sensible route with Stuck on You name labels

Stuck on You name labels

It’s getting to the time of year when I’m trying to decide and buy school uniform for N.  While he does have sweatshirts and a polo shirt for both nurseries, It’s sporadic in when he actually wears them, depending on what’s been washed when.  From September I’m going to have to get wise otherwise he’ll end up going into school in someone else’s or his own dirty unwashed uniform. Once I’ve finally found a pair of grey school trousers that… Continue Reading “Going the lazy but sensible route with Stuck on You name labels”

First steps to starting school

First steps to starting school - Bubbablueandme

Today has been what is probably the biggest day of N’s life so far.  His settling in day where he’ll be starting school in September. I thought he’d be fine, given he’s been at nursery since he was around 1 year old.  He’s always settled well at both nurseries he goes too, making friends, loving the teachers, and just generally enjoying life the way he always does.  I also knew he would be starting school with around 7 or 8 children… Continue Reading “First steps to starting school”