You never lose your shopping knowledge

I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for me, apart from for some new work trousers, which let’s face it is more a chore than enjoyment.  But being online and having a young child means you discover lots of new websites and exciting little things to buy. However, those little things can add up to quite a lot of money if you’re not savvy (or some would say ‘cheapskate’).  The high street’s a bit of a mixed bag… Continue Reading “You never lose your shopping knowledge”

Little feet

So Nathaniel’s now been walking for almost 3 months and he loves it.  Crawling now only happens if he’s going through his play tunnel, and he’s even moved on to ‘dancing’ (little stomps left & right, occasional twirling, and sometimes stepping backwards).  All very cute.  He’s not mastered running yet, but that’s not far as he can be pretty quick when he wants to. He’s now in walkers, but also has his first pair of wellies – funky blue with… Continue Reading “Little feet”